(With Them)
Svac film poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byRividje Alite
Produced byRividje Alite
Written byRividje Alite
Gunnar Lucrès
StarringClaude Myndred
Gjord Lindgren
Þjédor Coprin
Kvytt Gordan
Ariél Martin
Music byLiliane Jade Paget
CinematographyCandide Jocelyn
Edited byGijorgi Baaln
Distributed byWyndot Fylm
Release date
  • April 25, 1980 (1980-04-25)
BudgetÐ3 million
Box officeÐ56 million

Svac (English: With Them; alternate Seketese spellings: Svak, S'Vac, S'Vak) is a Seketese crime thriller film directed, co-written, and produced by Rividje Alite. The film portrays 1960's Seketese mobsters all competing against each other in obtaining a buried treasure buried by a mob boss idol two decades prior.

Depicted in a highly stylized manner, Svac makes use lighting and music to exaggerate and portray emotions in an often figurative manner. The film features gratuitous and unrealistic violence in a stylistic manner. Action scenes were either done with no music or in sync with 1960's music. The film pays homage to the Seketese myth Svac én Þynad (English: literally With them and Die; translated Follow and Die) which the story mimics.

Svac is highly regarded as a classic Seketese film. The film paved the way for future careers of many actors that had roles in the film. The film was one of the highest grossing films in Seketese film history. The film is often published in its original Seketese name, however the American 1982 VHS version of the film was published as With Them.


In 1962 Conelibek, Wyld Aléþyn (Claude Myndred) works as a information broker for the psychopathic mob boss Ervyn Gols (Þjédor Coprin); Wyld Aléþyn is disguised as a legitimate journalist for the newspaper Today Conelibek. Ebba Dyn (Ariél Martin) works as the secretary for the newspaper but in reality is responsible for managing information that the newspaper collects and sells. Pierre Dengrin (Gjord Lindgren) works as a mole for the information brokers within the Gols crime group. Both Wyld Aléþyn and Ervyn Gols seek a treasure buried somewhere outside the city by a former mob boss during World War II. Under the suspicion that the newspaper information brokers have the coordinates of the treasure, the Gols crime group murders every staff member of the illegal info broker newspaper and steals any information they have. The only survivors of the attack are Wyld, Ebba and undercover Pierre.

The Gols secure the coordinate in a safe, along with their already acquired pass code. Wyld rendezvous with Pierre and they plan to steal the coordinate and find the last one on their own. Later that night, Pierre distracts the Gols leaders from the information as Wyld tries to steal it. In the midst of the heist, a rival crime group run by Sjéd Álen (Kvytt Gordan) attacks the Gols. Sjéd and his gang have the second and final coordinate and attempt to steal the last one. A large scale gun fight occurs between the three parties. Ebba is killed. After Ervyn Gols discovers the final coordinate after interrogating and torturing a gang member of Sjéd's. Gols and 3 other armed men, including undercover Pierre, start to drive off to the coordinates escaping the gun fight in which the police have arrived. Sjéd and 5 other gang members enter their vehicle and follow. Wyld follows after spontaneously stealing a random person's vehicle. The Gols hideout explodes and burns as all three drive away.

The Gols supposedly lose Sjéd's gang off their tail. They park by a bunker where the coordinates leave. They then get surrounded by gang members and Sjéd. Sjéd kills all 3 of Ervyn's henchmen, including Pierre. Ervyn is shot in the knee but not killed due to his knowledge of the code. Sjéd and his men are then gunned down by Wyld who followed them. Wyld points his gun at Ervyn and orders him to order the bunker with the pass code. Reluctantly, Ervyn agrees after complaining that "people have been asking me to open this door all day".

After the door opens, Wyld and Ervyn both wrestle their way to the next door which leads to the treasure. After opening the door, it's found that there is no treasure and that the room is filled with pointless trinkets. Ervyn sighs shakes Wyld's hand; he asks for a truce. Mid handshake, Wyld kills Ervyn with a gunshot. Wyld then shoots himself in the head.



Upon its release, Svac received critical acclaim. The film was well received in Seketan and abroad. The film premiered at the 1980 Cannes Film Festival. Svac is highly regarded as a classic Seketese film. The film retains an 86% score on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.7 on IMdB.

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