Tyler Kordia

Tyler Kordia
5th President of Zamastan
In office
September 22nd, 1936 – September 22nd, 1946
Preceded byElias Blanco
Succeeded byMarvin Gaviria
Personal details
BornApril 29th, 1887
Rilla Village, Pahl, Zamastan
DiedMay 7th, 1982 (Age: 95)
Political partyGreen Liberal Party (Zamastan)
Height6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Tyler Kordia was the 5th President of Zamastan, succeeding President Elias Blanco in the 1936 Election. Kordia is most notably known for being the peaceful talking president who was aggressive on bringing the country out of the Great Depression. He fulfilled one of his campaign promises, which was the re-institution of federal jobs that ultimately boosted pre-war manufacturing. In 1945, he used his prominence as a economic and influential leader to gain popular support to invade Gladysynthia in the 1945 Danaska Conflict, which ultimately ended in Zamastanian land gains in the Tariel Heights and Danaska range. However, he lost his sixth reelection bid in 1946 to Marvin Gaviria, who ended up utilizing many of Kordia's job-making policies. Kordia passed away in 1982, but not before creating the Kordia Foundation, one of Zamastan's largest foreign aid, nonprofit organizations that reaches nations all over the International Democratic Union