Luepolan Workers' Party

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Luepolan Workers' Party

Partija Rabotnike Ľupolskih
  • PRAL
  • PRAĽ
ChairmanDenis Sabľić
Secretary-GeneralSabina Škupovna
Deputy ChairmanJan Kunić
Founded5 October 1987
HeadquartersPrishek, Luepola
Youth wingTBD
MembershipIncrease 422,839 (2019)
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationRenewed Socialist Internationale (Observer)
Colours     Red
Slogan"Za voľe i voľnego trud"
For free will and free labor
Seats in the Popular Assembly
21 / 88
Seats in the Great Assembly
134 / 614

The Luepolan Workers' Party (Luepolan: Partija Rabotnike Ľupolskih, PRAĽ) is a democratic socialist political party in Luepola. The party was founded by Andrej Kavran in 1987 as a left-wing party, and competed with growing success in Luepolan elections until 1997 when it achieved control of the Popular Assembly and its presidential nominee Zeki Sorelki was elected as president. It is currently the second-largest party in the Sliet and the largest opposition party.

The party was subject to much controversy after its gains in the 1993 elections, drawing international criticism for its similarities to the defunct Communist Party of Luepola. The Workers' Party officially rejects any association with the Communist Party and condemns their actions undertaken during the communist era and the Great War.

The party has been chaired by Denis Sabľić since 2015. Sabina Škupovna, who has served as the party's Secretary-General since June 2019, is the Workers' Party nominee in the upcoming presidential election.