2021 Luepolan presidential election

2021 Luepolan presidential election
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Nominee Sabina Škupovna Savo Grigorević
Party PRAL ResP
Popular vote 16,595,915 (R1)
26,578,123 (R2)
18,885,007 (R1)
24,406,193 (R2)
Percentage 31.9 (R1)
52.13 (R2)
36.3 (R1)
47.87 (R2)

President before election

Savo Grigorević
Republican Party

Elected President

Sabina Škupovna
Luepolan Workers' Party

The 2021 Luepolan presidential election was held on 7 and 25 April 2021. Since no candidate won a majority, a run-off election was held between incumbent president and leading candidate Savo Grigorević of the Republican Party and runner-up Sabina Škupovna of the Workers Party, in which Škupovna overtook Grigorević to win the election.


The first round of the election was won by incumbent Savo Grigorević. Having failed to secure a majority vote, however, he must compete in the second round against runner-up candidate Sabina Škupovna. Trailing candidates Danilo Valdez, Bruno Vălković, Ivica Morić, and Stanko Stanković were eliminated from the running.

The second round of the election was won by Škupovna, largely due to efforts by Valdez to rally his progressive voterbase to support Škupovna in the run-off, and to the lack of similar effort by centrist candidate Vălković in support of Grigorević. Grigorević conceded the election to Škupovna at 22:31 of 25 April.

e • d Summary of the 5 and 23 April 2021 Luepolan presidential election results
Candidate Party 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Sabina Škupovna Luepolan Workers' Party PRAL 16,595,915 31.9 26,578,123 52.13
Savo Grigorević Republican Party ResP 18,885,007 36.3 24,406,193 47.87
Danilo Valdez Progressive Party of Luepola PPL 9,000,292 17.3
Bruno Vălković Center Party PCen 5,462,605 10.5
Ivica Morić Luepolan Nationalist Party LNP 1,014,483 1.95
Stanko Stanković Sloboda 686,727 1.32
Other N/A 379,784 0.73
Total 52,024,813 100.00 50,984,316 100.00
Valid votes 52,024,813 96.00 50,984,316 97.00
Blank ballots 1,506,551 2.78 1,708,237 3.25
Null ballots 661150 1.22 1,014,430 1.93
Turnout 54,192,514 75.04 52,561,150 75.01
Abstentions 18,025,655 24.96 18,055,198 24.99
Registered voters 72,218,169 72,247,712


Six primary candidates were selected by the Luepolan Electoral Council to be listed on ballots, ordered alphabetically by last name.

Candidate name and age,
political party
Political office(s) Details
Savo Grigorević (66)
Republican Party (ResP)
Savo Grigorević Incumbent president of Luepola
(since 2017)
Finance Minister of Luepola
Governor of Sevierna Zakotija
The incumbent President of Luepola, and the oldest primary candidate; he is a Luepolan War veteran and the only candidate with noteworthy political experience from before the war. Previously served as the Finance Minister of Luepola under the administration of Ogňan Čărnević, and as governor of Sevierna Zakotija from 1997 to 2005. Maintained a hiatus from politics from the end of his term as Finance Minister until after the defeat of Republican candidate Miroslav Šalaj in the 2013 election, when he reentered politics as a potential future candidate for his party.
Ivica Morić (51)
Luepolan Nationalist Party (LNP)
Ivica Morić Chairman of the Luepolan Nationalist Party
(since 2010)
Great Assembly Representative for Cǎrnipoře, 4th District
(since 2005)
Chairman of the Nationalist Party and one of its two representatives in the Great Assembly.
Sabina Škupovna (46)
Luepolan Workers' Party (PRAL)
Sabina Škupovna Chairwoman of the Luepolan Workers' Party
(since 2019)
Popular Assembly Representative for Bružka, 4th District
(since 2009)
Prime Minister of Luepola
The youngest and the only female primary candidate. Previously served as the Prime Minister of Luepola - the first woman to do so - under the administration of Sebastijan Ilić. Succeeded Petăr Novak as chair of the Luepolan Workers' Party after his controversial failure in the 2017 election and subsequent resignation from the party chairmanship. Has been a Popular Assembly representative of Bružka since 2009, with previous political experience at city- and state-level positions.
Stanko Stanković (51)
Stanko Stanković Spokesperson of Sloboda
(since 2012)
Deputy Mayor of Voitz
Was appointed deputy mayor of Voitz in 2011 after the resignation of his predecessor. Previously participated in various political activist organizations. Was appointed as the spokesperson of Sloboda in 2012 and has run for president in the 2013 and 2017 elections.
Danilo Valdez (60)
Progressive Party of Luepola (PPL)
Danilo Valdez Chairman of the Progressive Party of Luepola
(since 2018)
Popular Assembly Representative for Jutska, 1st District
(since 2013)
Mayor of Rostva
Second-generation Aranquian immigrant and Luepolan War veteran. Elected mayor of Rostva in 2001 and served continuously until 2013, upon his election as a Popular Assembly representative.
Bruno Vălković (55)
Center Party (PCen)
Bruno Vălković Chairman of the Center Party
(since 2015)
Chairman of the Center Party. Previously ran for president in 2017.