Alenchon (Province)

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Alenchon located in Zamastan
Alenchon located in Zamastan
Largest cityAnchorhead
ProvinceMarch 4th, 1886
 • GovernorPeter Younggrain (BCP)
 • Total23,593,000

Alenchon is a province of Zamastan bordered by Tregueux to the northwest, Alutiana to the east, and an extensive coastline on the Cantalle Ocean. It is the fifth-most populous province in the country with 23.6 million inhabitants. The capital and namesake city of the province is Alenchon, while the largest city is Anchorhead. Other notable cities include Broterre, Attlemore, Gromouth, and Litchdon. The city of Antry is the southernmost city on the continental provinces, located on the province's southern archipelago known as the Acamnala Islands.

Inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous southwestern Euronians, the coastal region of present-day Alenchon was colonized by the Quetanan Empire. The Tregueux Territory Annexation of 1881 under President William Castovia resulted in the province of Alenchon being established on March 4th, 1886 alongside Tregueux. Since the mid-20th century, Alenchon has experienced rapid demographic and economic growth. Its economy's main sectors are tourism, hospitality, agriculture, real estate, and transportation. Alenchon is world-renowned for its beach resorts, amusement parks, warm and sunny climate, and nautical recreation; the province draws tens of millions of visitors annually. Alenchon is a popular destination for retirees, seasonal vacationers, and both domestic and international migrants. The province's close proximity to the ocean has shaped its culture, identity, and daily life; its colonial history and successive waves of migration are reflected in Adulan, Ossinian, and Janapan influences.

The province's geography is defined by the Covenpool Delta, a section of the Addle Alluvial Plain, along its westernmost border seeping into a low floodplain characterized by sedimentary soil. Its eastern border is defined by the southern Louise Mountains along Alutiana, with high peaks and popular ski destinations. The coast is warm and covered in a mixture of rocky and sandy beaches - several beaches in the province have turquoise and emerald-colored coastal waters. The province's climate varies from subtropical in the south to tropical in the north, and with the mountainous alpine climates. Consequently, Alenchon has several unique ecosystems, most notably Wooddon National Park, the largest tropical wilderness in country and among the largest in Euronia. Unique wildlife include the Euronian alligator, flamingo, spoonbill, panther, dolphin, and manatee. The Antry Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in continental nation, and one of the largest coral barrier reef systems in the world.