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Largest cityAlutia
• President
Stephanie Morente
• Estimate

Alutiana is a country in the Coalition of Crown Albatross bordered by Zamastan. It was an Administrative District (Province) of Zamastan from 1889 until January 1st, 2021 with its secession and independence following the sweeping Bettencourt Protests and a Supreme Court decision that resulted in the formation of the country. It has a population of 17.7 million, with its capital city being Chatsisle, its largest city being Alutia, and other major cities including Papineau, Saint Bellevue, and Benlin. Alutiana is a megadiverse country with habitats ranging from the humid plains of the southern Cantalle Ocean coastal region, the rugged and tropical eastern coast along Titania Bay, to the peaks of the Louise Mountains extending from the north to south of the country along its western border.

Alutiana was originally settled by indigenous peoples known as the Iluti, who spread throughout the humid marshes in fishing and hunting villages. In 1566, an admiral named Pedro de Avil claimed the area in Alutia for Quetana. A Quetanan mission was constructed one year later as the first Adulan structure in the country. Ossinia and Quetana successively ruled much of the area until it was ceded to Zamastan in the 1881 Tregueux Annexation. In 1884, Zamastan built Fort Alutia on the banks of the Ademme River as part of their development of the Alutia Territory, which rapidly grew in population thanks to emerging industrial ports and trading sites. During the World War, many settlements in the country were the target of Drambenburgian air raids. Since then, the country has seen a tremendous rise in new businesses and cultural amenities, while reconciling with a major racial and cultural movement in the 1990s. The election of President Atticus Moreau, a member of the Bloc Mayotte Party, in 2020 boosted the hopes for independence, while the Bettencourt Protests further drove those inspirations. Stephanie Morente, previously the governor of the province who had instigated the independence referendums, was elected President of Alutiana.



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