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Christian Voice

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Christian Voice
Modern Hebrew nameקול נוצרי
Sydalene nameCrixinu Voichi
Latin nameChristiana suffragio
ChairpersonJeremyah Grios
Knesset Caucus LeaderElyas Khoury
FounderDavid Sydane
Elyas Khoury
Constantine Lydias
FoundedJune 16, 2021 (2021-06-16)
Preceded byYisraeli Christian Association
(strictly as an ethnic Christian party with elected representation; but not ideology)
HeadquartersYericho (Yarden Valley Special District), Yisrael
IdeologyYisraeli Christian interests
Traditionalist Catholicism
Internal Factions:
Social conservatism
Welfare capitalism
Green liberalism
National liberalism
Civic nationalism
Political positionCentrist-to-Center-right
ReligionFabrian Catholicism
Colors  Pearl White
Seats in the Royal Knesset
3 / 142

The Christian Voice, also commonly called simply the Christian Bloc or the Whites (colloquially), is a contemporary centrist sectarian Yisraeli Christian interests third political party in Yisrael, being a completely new political faction unlike anything seen before. The closest predecessor would be the Yisraeli Christian Association (defunct since 2011), which was for decades the primary political platform for Yisraeli Christians, and was largely critical of the Accords, sympathetic to Sydalene Christian nationalists in the Yarden Valley, and very left-wing. It was dissolved in the wake of the 2011 Yericho Riots on charges of aiding and abetting domestic terrorism.

However, the Christian Voice is an independent political party with fiercely centrist politics giving voice to a new generation of religious Yisraeli Christians who are also proudly Yisraeli and often right-of-center, which is a distinctive break from decades of previous Christian politics. The new party won its first seat in a November 7, 2021 special election in the Yarden Valley and picked up two more in the 2022 midterm elections, completely ousting the League for New Judea, a far-right Jewish party from its electoral stronghold the Yarden River Valley and emerging in a political earthquake that was completely missed by political observers.

It is deep in the political minority in the Knesset, opposed to the governing right-wing Royalist Conservative-led coalition.

Platform and philosophy



Organization and hierarchy

Election results and current representation

Current representation

The current party leader in the Royal Knesset is MK Elyas Khoury. The party's MK caucus has 3 members, all from the Yarden River Valley Special District.

Election results

Royal Knesset
Election Leader Seats won +/− Rank Majority
2022 Elyas Khoury
3 / 142
Increase 21 #7 Minority
0 / 142
N/A N/A Not in Government

1. Elyas Khoury won an upset in the November 7, 2021 special election in the Yarden Valley, being the first of his party to enter the Knesset at the end of the 49th session of the Knesset with the 2022 midterm elections barely two months away.

International affiliation and criticism

In his upset victory in the November 2021 special election, Khoury was criticized by Oliver Defesa III, the son-in-law and presumed successor to far-right Sydalene Patriots' Movement Leader Samuel Abopueri, who tweeted on social media that: "The voice of Sydalene Christians in the Valley has been constantly suppressed through wrongful accusations of terrorism and extremism, and the election of Khoury, a puppet who betrayed his people by wrapping himself in the Yisraeli flag is the latest example of how far they will go to trample the blessed."

Internationally, the party has no formal ties with any other political organizations.