Royalist Conservative Party (Yisrael)

Royalist Conservative Party of Yisrael

המלוכנים המפלגה השמרנית של ישראל
nameModern Hebrew
LeaderNoah Feldman
FoundedJanuary 19, 1923 (1923-01-19)
(de facto 1920)
Preceded byRoyalists
(circa 1880s - 1922)
(1913 - 1922)
NewspaperConservative Daily
Student wingRoyalist Conservative Student League
Strong monarchy
Social conservatism
National Religious and Chardal interests
Internal Factions:
Torah Judaism
National conservatism
Political positionRight
Colors     Navy Blue
Seats in the Royal Knesset
59 / 142

The Royalist Conservative Party, also commonly called RC, the Conservatives, or the Blues (colloquially), is a contemporary right-wing and nationalist major political party in Yisrael, forming one-half of the country's de facto two-party system in Yisraeli politics, opposed to the center/left by the Constitutional Liberal Party. The Royalist Conservatives are currently the governing party of Yisrael, whose leader Noah Feldman is the incumbent President, as well as commanding a coalition majority government in the Knesset with the Action Yisrael and the Northern League.

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