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Royalist Conservative Party (Yisrael)

Royalist Conservative Party of Yisrael

המלוכנים המפלגה השמרנית של ישראל
nameModern Hebrew
LeaderYitzchok Katz
FoundedJanuary 19, 1923 (1923-01-19)
(de facto 1920)
Preceded byRoyalists
(circa 1880s - 1922)
(1913 - 1922)
NewspaperConservative Daily
Student wingRoyalist Conservative Student League
Strong monarchy
Social conservatism
National Religious and Chardal interests
Internal Factions:
Torah Judaism
National conservatism
Political positionRight
Colors     Navy Blue
Seats in the Royal Knesset
64 / 142

The Royalist Conservative Party, also commonly called the Conservatives or the Blues (colloquially), is a contemporary right-wing and nationalist major political party in Yisrael, forming one-half of the country's de facto two-party system in Yisraeli politics, opposed to the center-left by the Alternative for Yisrael (since 2020), and before that, the center/left Constitutional Liberal Party (1923-2019). The Royalist Conservatives are currently the governing party of Yisrael, whose leader Yitzchok Katz is the incumbent President, as well as commanding a coalition majority government in the Knesset led by the Right Bloc, which includes allies the Torah Achdus and the Northern League parties.

Platform and philosophy

The Conservatives are the dominant "big tent" right-wing party in Yisrael. It has been the home for National Religious- and Chardal-interests, and a staunch defender of the monarchy and the halachic state. The party looks to the Neo-Zionist, Religious Zionist, and Revisionist Zionist schools of thought for new public policy inspiration.

While the party was split between pro- and con- factions regarding the 1952 Royal Reform Acts, since the post-Yarden Accords era, the consensus among party faithful was that the 1952 amendments on royal power was wrong and ought to be overturned. This was achieved with the surprise advent of the Hezekian Reaction, whereby the 1952 Acts as pertaining to the monarchy were nullified by extraordinary royal decree. The Blues favor a hawkish foreign-policy and military posture, and decreased social spending in favor of higher military and security allocation and tax cuts. The party's establishment opposes progressive taxation and supports flat taxes and user fees instead. It also supports devolving more power to the Districts and localities.

Along with its frequent ally the Torah Achdus party, the Conservatives are fierce defenders of the enforcement of religious law in response to an increasing consensus among the Con-Libs to statutorily weaken enforcement mechanisms and funding.


Organization and hierarchy

Election results and current representation

Current representation

The party leader is the current President of Yisrael, Yitzchok Katz. The chairman of the National Conservative Committee is Zevulon Altman. The head of the party's caucus in the Royal Knesset is Member of Knesset and Majority Leader of the Knesset Binyamin Goldschmidt (RC-Modiin), since January 11, 2016.

Election results

Royal Knesset
Election Leader Seats won +/− Rank Majority
2020 Binyamin Goldschmidt
64 / 142
Increase 5 #1 Majority
2018 Binyamin Goldschmidt
59 / 142
Decrease 5 #1 Majority
64 / 142
Increase 23 #1 Majority
41 / 142
Decrease 23 #2 Minority
64 / 142
Increase 6 #1 Majority
58 / 142
Increase 6 #1 Majority
52 / 142
Decrease 5 #2 Minority
57 / 142
Increase 12 Tie Minority
46 / 142
TBD #2 Minority

International affiliation and criticism

The Conservatives - like their former chief rival the Constitutional Liberals - have a litany of global affiliations with other right-wing and ruling political parties. These include: Sydalon's People's Party, Latium's United Latium, Lihnidos's Conservative-National Alliance, Ghant's Independent Coalition and Conservative Party, Gelonia's Soudarded and Honkadur parties, Arthurista's National Liberal Party, and Vardana's One Vardana.