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Directory of Vardana

Executive Directory of Vardana
Տեղեկատու (Vardanan)
Cockade of the Republic of Vardana.svg
Cockade of the Republic of Vardana
StyleHis/Her Excellency (in international correspondence)
TypeDirectorial government
SeatTigranaberd Palace, Kajnadzor
Term lengthVariable by election date
PrecursorChairman of the Presidium of Vardana
Formation11 July 1985

The Directory of Vardana (Vardanan: Տեղեկատու) is the nine-member committee that has governed the Third Vardanan Republic since the signing of the constitution, on 18 June 1985. Collectively, the Directory serves as the head of state and of government of Vardana.

The entire Directory is responsible for the federal government of Vardana, overseeing the administration of the nation. By direction of the constitution, all directors are of equal status; however, since 1992 the Directory has appointed one of its membership to serve as the Director-General. The Director-General, as first among equals, often fulfills the representative obligations traditionally carried out by a single head of state in other nations.


1983 constitution

The 1983 constitution was drafted during a constitutional convention following a coup from within the Revolutionary Workers' Party. The convention was chaired by future, and last, Paramount Leader Arman Boghossian. The constitution was drafted over the course of two months, and was adopted in July 1983, approved by national referendum in 1984. The constitution came into effect on 11 July 1985, exactly two years after the initial adoption. Article III called for the creation of an executive directory, partially inspired by the Daitoan model, and deals with the function and duties of the Directory.

Article III, section 1 describes the Directory as the "supreme executive power" of the nation. The Directory is to consist of 9 members, one elected from each of Vardana's 8 provinces (including a director from the claimed province of Perateia) and one at-large, elected by nation-wide popular vote. Director terms are to last four years, with no regard to term limits; however, term limits have been imposed by provincial charters in all but two provinces (Ayrum and Corduene), with elections staggered to allow for 2 to 3 Directors to be elected annually.

Section 2 granted the Directory the power to:

  • appoint judges, attorney generals, military officers, and other officers;
  • fill vacancies resulting from death, resignation, impeachment, or other disqualification;
  • correspond with foreign nations;
  • serve as presiding officers in cases of impeachment;
  • grant pardons and reprieves;
  • ensure the enforcement of laws passed by the Assembly and signed by Directory;
  • veto legislation;
  • serve as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, or to nominate one among themselves to serve as sole commander-in-chief in times of crisis;
  • etc.

Meeting place

The constitution provides that the Directory is to be in session simultaneously with the National Convention. However, in practice the Directory sits year-round with no formal sessions. Directory meetings, and offices, are held at Tigranaberd Palace, in Kajnadzor.



The Constitution of Vardana sets 4 major qualifications to become a Director. To serve as Director, one must:

  • be a citizen of Vardana
  • be at least 30 years old
  • be a resident for the last 10 years
  • not be married to a non-citizen spouse

Election and term limits

Directorial elections are staggered with anywhere from 2 to 3 director positions elected every year. Elections are regulated and held by provincial electoral commissions, in elections featuring universal suffrage. Provincial charters vary on method of election, but many (including the national at-large directorate) utilize a two-round system. Newly elected directors are sworn in a full month after their election by the President of the National Convention.

Term limits do not exist at the national level, though many provinces have enacted term limits within their own jurisdictions to restrict offices. The following provinces have a 2 term limit, allowing for no more than two consecutive terms (allowing individuals stand for election after sitting out an election cycle): Armavir, Enetne, Iotopha, and Tsaghkadzor. The province of Mysia has a hard 3 term limit, while the provinces of Ayrum and Corduene have no restrictions on consecutive terms.


The Director-General serves as the presiding officer of the Directory, and undertakes representative duties typically associated with a single head of state. The office was established in 1992 out of Directorial gridlock and the need for a presiding officer not provided by the constitution. The Director-General is elected from among the members, originally the most senior member of the Directory, though this has not been the case since the Generalship of Zoravar Davtyan. The Director-General also serves as the functional commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The current Director-General is Anastas Barkhudar, of the Radical Party.

The constitutionality of the Director-General has often been debated among constitutional scholars and lawyers in Vardana. The constitution does not provide for a presiding officer of the directory and instead relies on all directors to undertake functions of the head of state and government collectively. Some constitutional scholars have noted that the creation of the Director-General could be explained through the Directory's exclusive power to appoint other officers or fill vacancies. However, others still widely criticize this view and have called for the position to be abolished or officially created in a constitutional amendment to limit its potential powers and influence over the Directory as a whole.

Current membership

As of January 2020 the incumbent Directors are:

Directory of Vardana
  Radical (5)   Republican Spirit (2)   Radical Renewal (1)   11 July Club (1)
Province Director Province Director Province Director


Member since
12 February 2010

Previous membership
Director from Mysia 1996-2010

Election 2010, 2013, 2017
Next in 2021
Vali Nasr 2012.jpg

Anastas Barkhudar
(Radical Party)

Province of Armavir
(5.4% of population)

Member since
18 July 2013

Election 2013, 2017
Term limited in 2021
Jackie Speier official photo (cropped).jpg
Sara Lekandrean
(Radical Party)

Autonomous Republic of Ayrum
(9.6% of population)

Member since
18 July 2018

Election 2018
Next in 2022
Nebez Gewirk.jpg
Nebez Gewirk
(11 July Club)

People's Republic of Bayazet
(34.7% of population)

Member since
20 July 2016

Election 2016
Next in 2020
David Bakradze cropped.jpg
Constantine Melikian
(Radical Party)

Province of Corduene
(1.5% of population)

Member since
30 July 2008

Election 2008, 2012, 2016
Next in 2020
Anna Eshoo 113th Congress.jpg
Almasd Dzolkert
(Radical Renewal)

Province of Enetne
(11.9% of population)

Member since
20 July 2015

Election 2015, 2019
Next in 2023
PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili meeting with Iranian VP Eshaq Jahangiri.jpg
First Deputy

Isaac Vorsapetn
(Radical Party)

Commonwealth of Mysia
(14.1% of population)

Member since
20 July 2017

Election 2017
Next in 2021
Lucine Argutian.jpg
Second Deputy

Lucine Argutian
(Radical Party)
Diocese of the East

Republic of Perateia
(0.4% of population)

Member since
18 July 2019

Previous membership
Director from Perateia 2003-2011

Election 2019
Next in 2023
Nabih Berri.jpg
David Avanian
(Republican Spirit)

Province of Tsaghkadzor
(22.4% of population)

Member since
18 July 2014

Election 2014, 2018
Term limited in 2022
Gladys Berejiklian NSW (cropped).jpg
Tamar Zakarian
(Republican Spirit)

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