Ghaillish Broadcasting Federation
Cónaidhm Craolacháin na Ghlítteann
IndustryMass media
PredecessorNuacht Caipitil
FounderDonny Ferguson
Andrew Copper
Two Liberty, Spálgleann
Area served
Euclea (via GBF Euclea)
Worldwide (via internet, satellite, digital and analogue services)
Key people
Alastar Smith (President)
ServicesRadio, television, online
Revenue€1.3 billion (2014)
OwnerDonny Ferguson
Andrew Copper
Number of employees
9,000 (2014)
ParentCopper-Ferguson Broadcasting
DivisionsGBF Euclea
GBF News Online

The Ghaillish Broadcasting Federation (Ghaillish: Cónaidhm Craolacháin na Ghlítteann), abbreviated to GBF (CCnG) is the largest broadcasting company in Caldia. It both produces programmes and broadcasts them on television, radio and the Internet. It was founded in 1990 following a merger of Caldia's largest private broadcasting companies: Nuacht Caipitil, CCG, and SCT.

GBF primary deals with news and provides twenty-four hour news coverage through some of its channels. It has three divisions. The largest of two divisions is GBF News Online which provides online coverage for both domestic and international events. GBF Euclea is the second division and is available in most members of the Euclean Community.

Broadcasting services for Caldia are provided in both Ghaillish and Estmerish. GBF Euclea broadcasts in Gaullican while GBF News Online provides coverage in over twenty five languages.

It is a member of the World Union of Broadcasting and European Broadcasting Group.


The news-desk used for programs on GBF 1.

The oldest of its predecessors, CCG, first began broadcasting via radio in the 1935 after the Occupation of Caldia had ended. Previously, the only broadcasting company was the publicly owned Raidió Náisiúnta. Creation of private broadcasting companies was prohibited during the occupation as part of the agreement between the Caldish government and the Federation. Regular television broadcasting first began in 1962 on CCG, one year after it first began on TRN.

In 1990, a merger was negotiated between Donny Ferguson and Andrew Copper. Ferguson owned CCG, which serviced much of Caldia, and Copper owned Nuacht Caipitil and SCT, which serviced the Greater Spálgleann area and the northeastern regions of the country respectively. The Copper-Ferguson Broadcasting Company was established as a parent company of GBF.

In 2000 GBF launched its online expansion, GBF News Online, to serve the growing international markets for online news. It also launched GBF Euclea to cover the affairs of the Euclean Community and elsewhere in Euclea in 2005.


GBF Euclea

GBF Euclea was established in 2005 and began broadcasting in Gaullica and Estmere the following year. It was set up in order to serve the growing news markets in Euclea and follow Continent matters, such as the happenings of the Euclean Parliament. It has since expanded services to Ordennia and Werania (2006), Varienland (2007), Kesselbourg (2007), and Hennehouwe (2008). Further expansion to Florena is planned and a planned expansion to Etruria was canceled in 2016.

All broadcasting through GBF Euclea is provided in Gaullican. Subtitles in national languages are provided.

GBF News Online

News services are provided online through GBF News Online, which was launched in 2000. It provides coverage of domestic and international events and is available in most countries. Many reports are accompanied by audio and video from the GBF's television and radio news services. The website is the most frequently accessed news website in Caldia and has around eight million unique users per week. It is estimated that between 65% and 75% of its users are from Caldia, while the rest are located elsewhere.



  • GBF 1 - home to twenty-four hour news coverage, GBF 1 provides constant coverage of domestic and international news.
  • GBF 2 - GBF 2 airs popular programs from GBF 1 in syndication as well as documentaries, academic lectures, and discussion, often aimed at intellectual or niche audiences.
  • GBF Comhthionól - named after the principal house of the Caldish parliament, GBF Comhthionól broadcasts live political debates as well as political discussions and documentaries. It also airs the weekly Ceisteanna Taoiseach, or Taoiseach's Questions.
  • GBF Euclea - twenty-four hour coverage of Euclean politics and news.
  • GBF Sport - provides coverage for sport, including live matches.


  • GBF Radio - news and current events
  • GBF Radio Sport - sports, including live commentary