Government of Azmara

Government of Azmara
Wisemaanenmot âb Azmaara
Established28 October 1915 (1915-10-28)
LeaderPrime Minister
Appointed byPrime Minister approved by the Folksmot, nominally appointed by President
Main organCabinet
Responsible toAlþing
HeadquartersWisemaanenmot-Haas, Aalmsted, Azmaara

The Government of Azmara (Azmaran: Wisemaanenmot âb Azmaara) serves as Azmara's cabinet and exercises executive authority in Azmara.

Executive authority in Azmara is invested by the Constitution of Azmara into a government led by the Prime Minister of Azmara, who serves as the country's head of government. The Government consists of the Prime Minister and 15 ministers, who must serve as members of the Alþing, the legislative branch of the Azmaran branch, either in the upper or lower house. The Prime Minister, Finance Secretary, Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary are, however, all constitutionally required to be members of the Folksmot, the parliament's lower house, and must be nominated and approved by this body before being appointed by the President. The other 12 government ministers are nominated by the Prime Minister and formally appointed by the President. The government relies on the Alþing for the passage of primary legislation, and as a result it needs to maintain the support of a majority of the Folksmot to be able to govern and pass a budget.

Upon the creation of Azmara's current parliamentary system by the 1915 constitution, the inaugural holder of the office of Prime Minister was Leif Aansgaarsun of Gold Flame, while the current holder of the office is Eryk Jorśsun of the Workers' Party, the largest party in both the Folksmot and the Landsmot. He leads a three-party coalition of the Workers' Party, the Green Party and the Socialist Party, yet relies on the support of New Azmara in the lower house and the Radicals in the upper house to pass legislation.


Authority and limitations

Civil service

Current Government

The current government of Azmara is the Eryk Jorśsun I ministry, which was inaugurated on the 19th May 2017.

Protocol order Office Image Incumbent Party In office
1 Prime Minister of Azmara Charles Kennedy MP (cropped).jpg Eryk Jorśsun Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
2 Deputy Prime Minister of Azmara
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
2017-09-06 CSU KT zu Guttenberg 666 (cropped).JPG Aleksander Erykssun Green 25 June 2018 – present
3 Secretary of State for Finance and Economic Affairs François Baroin (47547796261) (cropped).jpg Helmut Mâþijassun Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
4 Secretary of State for Internal Affairs Official portrait of Angela Rayner MP crop 2.jpg Sofija Anasdohter Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
5 Secretary of State for Defence Official portrait of Matt Rodda MP crop 2.jpg Mâþis Aleksanderssun Workers' 14 March 2018 – present
6 Secretary of State for Education and Research Official portrait of Helen Jones crop 2.jpg Jorśena Hanksdohter Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
7 Secretary of State for Healthcare Official portrait of David Tredinnick crop 2.jpg Mâþijas Jonssun Workers' 21 January 2019 – present
8 Secretary of State for Justice
Johanna sigurdardottir official portrait.jpg Jana Eryksdohter Independent 23 June 2004 – present
9 Secretary of State for Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Affairs Kirstene Hair MP - official photo 2017.jpg Isabela Krysdohter Green 30 April 2017 – present
10 Secretary of State for Pensions and Social Welfare Barbara Visser 2012 (1).jpg Maarijana Karlsdohter Socialist 30 April 2017 – present
11 Secretary of State for Euclean Affairs Official portrait of Anna Turley crop 2.jpg Karla Jonsdohter Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
12 Secretary of State for Transport and Communications Official portrait of Paul Masterton crop 2.jpg Karl Kryssun Socialist 30 April 2017 – present
13 Secretary of State for Business and Innovation Official portrait of Antoinette Sandbach crop 2.jpg Niina Aansgaarsdohter Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
14 Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Affairs Official portrait of David Linden MP crop 2.jpg Lorenc Jonssun Workers' 15 January 2018 – present
15 Secretary of State for Employment and Workplace Relations Pat the Cope Gallagher (official portrait).jpg Jon Maarkssun Workers' 30 April 2017 – present
16 Secretary of State for Culture and Equality Official portrait of Nia Griffith MP crop 2.jpg Nathalie Dunkle Green 30 April 2017 – present