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History of Yisrael

The History of Yisrael is what happened in the nation of Yisrael from its past until the current-day.

The Patriarchs (1811 BCE-1523 BCE)

Mitzrayim (1523 BCE-1312 BCE)

Era of the Shoftim (1312 BCE-1037 BCE)

Jewish monarchy (1037 BCE-44 CE)

Saul and David (1037 BCE-970 BCE)

Solomon (970 BCE-930 BCE)

Northern and Southern Kingdoms

Northern Kingdom (930 BCE-722 BCE)
Southern Kingdom (930 BCE-582 BCE)

Chasmonian restoration (140 BCE-37 BCE)

Herodian dynasty (37 BCE-44 CE)

Hellenist and Latin rule (722 BCE-900 CE)

First Aradian Empire

Neo-Aradian Empire

Latin Empire

Latinization of Judea
Destruction of the Second Temple (70 CE)
Bar Chochva revolt (120s-130s CE)
Late antiquity Jewish diaspora

Talmudic era and the Jewish petty states (200-1300)

Codification of the Oral Law

Warlordism and the Jewish petty states

Mesfin conquest (900-1100)

Greater Yisraeli Governorate (1100-1237)

Crusader State rule (1237-1350s)

Late medieval Yisrael (1300-1700)

Early modern Yisrael (1700-1870)

Modern Yisrael (1870-1970)

Late modern Yisrael (1970-2000)

Contemporary Yisrael (2000-present)

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