International Assembly

HeadquartersCorunia, Pererra
Official languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
• President
Fidel Caballero
• Chairman of the Security Committee
Youssef Bishara
• Chairman of the Council of Nations
Oskar Brugmann
11 April 1948
• Adoption of the IA Constitution
7 December 1948

The International Assembly (IA) is an intergovernmental organization comprised of the vast majority of the world's sovereign states. The IA was founded in 1948 with the mission of promoting international peace, cooperation, and development.



International Assembly

Council of Nations

Security Committee

The Security Committee (SC) is one of the three "primary committees" of the IA. It has the power to authorize peacekeeping missions, impose sanctions, and issue binding resolutions against IA member states.

The SC is composed of 17 members, four of which are "fixed" or permanent members that have the exclusive power to veto any resolution presented to the committee and serve an unlimited term. There are two "fixed observers," who have the right to participate in debates and vote on resolutions and serve an unlimited term, but do not possess veto power. The other eleven members are elected for two-terms on a rotational basis from five geographical regions. The composition of the body is as follows, with fixed members in bold, and fixed observers in italics:

Political Affairs Committee

Social and Economic Affairs Committee


Supreme International Court

Specialized agencies