Leisau Group

 Aitic Federation
President Arttu Sormunen
President Jacques Monteil
President Nakshatra Pandya
Prime Minister István Árpád
President Savo Grigorević
Prime Minister Trond Lauritzen
President Pablo Águila
Chancellor Kaspar Vahl
President Ernst Greifelt
President Li Jinhai

The Leisau Group refers to the member countries that attend an annual intergovernmental political summit hosted in Leisau, Vonzumier. The group's members consist of the world's major economic and geopolitical powers: the Aitic Federation, Apelia, Bhasar, Granzery, Luepola, Savland, Tierada, Vierzland, Vonzumier, and Zaihan. The conference was created at an international summit in 2002, and has been convened each year since then; only Bhasar and Zaihan have been added to the working roster since its inception, joining in 2007 and 2010 respectively.

Country Leaders