Oriental Sea

Oriental Sea
Vasarden Oriental Sea.png
Map of the Oriental Sea
Primary inflowsCercian Ocean, Bhasari Ocean, Jutska
Basin countries
Surface areaTBD
Average depthTBD
Max. depthTBD

The Oriental Sea is a sea connecting the Cercian Ocean to the Bhasari Ocean and isolating Tusola from Patyria and Oridia. It is bordered by Patyria to the north and northwest; by Oridia to the east; by Ekalla and the Ekallan Straits to the south; by Tusola to the southwest; and by the Straits of Vell to the west. It is officially classified by the Oceaonographic Commission of the International Assembly as an offshoot of the Bhasari Ocean, but historically it has been treated as a separate body of water. It stretches over 3000 kilometers north-south from the Bay of Beuje to the Cape of Gold (the easternmost point of Ekalla), and over 1600 kilometers east-west at its widest latitude, just south of the coast of Kulan.