Republic of Tierada

República de Teradia
Flag of Tierada
Wikimap td.png
Location of Tierada (dark green)
and largest city
Official languagesTieradan
Ethnic groups
Tieradans 80.6%
Lougans 8.1%
Nalatians 4.4%
Other 6.9%
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential republic
• President
Pablo Águila
• Prime Minister
Miguel Ángel Espina
• 2018 census
• Density
166.6/km2 (431.5/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$3.3 trillion
• Per capita
very high
CurrencyTieradan Peso (₽)
Date formatdd.mm.yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+11
Internet TLD.td

Tierada, officially the Republic of Tierada (Tieradan: República de Teradia), is a country in western Patyria. It consists of seventeen provinces, three autonomous municipalities, and numerous overseas holdings in the Artalias, Oridia and the Amplian region. Tierada has a population of 79,127,068, the third largest in Patyria after Vierzland and Luepola, and commands the world's fourth largest economy, after Vierzland, the Aitic Federation and Vonzumier. The capital of Tierada is Valete; other major cities include Guadarca, Almiron, and Toldega.

The area encompassing Tierada had been inhabited for millenia prior to the expansion of the Deoran Empire into the region. Over centuries of Deoran rule, the peoples of Tierada were culturally assimilated into the empire, with the exception of the western island chain, which saw significant Deoran influence but no major attempts at conquest. During the later stages of the empire, the region was largely insulated from barbarian invasion until 485 CE, when Molves began raiding the coastline from former Deoran ports in modern-day Granzery. The inability of the empire to defend against these raids prompted small-scale settlement of Molves in Tierada, followed by a much larger wave of Veisic immigration from the north. As Deoran rule in the region collapsed entirely, the Bautogic Kingdom was consolidated in its wake by Himnaric, forming the first precursor to what would become the modern country of Tierada.

Over the following centuries, the Veisic ruling class was assimilated into the local population, which remained primarily Deoran; during this time, the name Tierada began to arise to describe the united lands. The Bautogic Kingdom collapsed in 958 AD, beginning a 400-year period of regional disunity wherein various kingdoms fought for dominance. By 1300, the Valetian Kingdom had emerged as the most prominent of the Tieradan kingdoms, unifying most of the peninsula, with the northern kingdoms in turn uniting as Camardocia. A series of wars followed, resulting in the annexation of Camardocia in 1540. Tierada would go on to found numerous settlements in the Artalias, which had been recently discovered by Patyrians, in the "First Colonial Era"; this was soon followed up in the early 1700s by the "Second Colonial Era", wherein Nindegaan was annexed and vast territories were conquered from Mahsadar.

In the late 1700s, a large anti-monarchist movement gained traction, influenced by progressive ideals and literature from neighboring Apelia. The movement culminated in the overthrow of Julian III, the abolition of monarchy in Tierada, and the rise to power of Antonio de Caberra. Caberra's territorial ambitions resulted in the Caberran Wars, where Tierada briefly gained suzerainty over half of Patyria by 1821 before being conquered by a coalition consisting of the Vierz Empire and Tierada's former allies in 1927. The aftermath of the Caberran Wars stripped Tierada of most of its colonial empire, a loss which later invigorated the "Third Colonial Era" primarily in Tusola. Tierada remained an adversary of Vierzland throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, with the notable exception of during Great War, where the two nations and Vonzumier allied against and defeated the Socialist Internationale. Tierada would remain a Vonzumieran ally and once again become a Vierz rival for the duration of the Silent War.

Tierada has largely been eclipsed by Vonzumier as the "Western Superpower", but remains a great power with considerable influence on the world. Tierada is a founding member of the Union of Patyrian States and the Leisau Group, and is also a member of the International Assembly. Tierada is a nuclear-armed state.