Continental Security Organization

Continental Security Organization
Organización para la Seguridad Continental
Organisation für Kontinental Sicherheit
  • CSO
  • OKS
  • OSC
MottoAlways alert, always prepared
Founded atValete, Tierada
TypeMilitary alliance, free-trade area
HeadquartersZoloa, Lemerum
Official language

The Continental Security Organization (CSO) is a military alliance comprised of nations located primarily in western Patyria. It was founded in the aftermath of the Great War by various Allied states, led by Tierada and Vonzumier, to contain and counterbalance the Vierz Empire, which had amassed numerous allies and client states, as well as significant colonial holdings from Luepola and Apelia. The CSO for much of existence was engaged in the Silent War, a cold conflict, against the Vierz-led Central Patyrian Cooperation Association. Since the end of the Silent War, the CSO has continued as a military partnership between many of the leading nations of Patyria, while expanding membership and partnerships to additional Artalian countries, particularly in response to the perceived threat of Hevatia.