Reichswehr (Mascylla)

Imperial Defence of Mascylla
Maskillische Reichswehr
Reichswehr logo.png
Logo of the Reichswehr
MottoDas Schwert und Schild des Reiches. (The Sword and Shield of the Realm.)
Founded29 July 1793
Current form founded on 15 April 1924
Service branchesMascyllary Army logo.png Mascyllary Army (Reichsheer)
Mascyllary Navy logo.png Mascyllary Navy (Marine)
Luftheer logo.png Mascyllary Air Force (Luftheer)
Reichswehr Joint Medical Service (Reichswehrmedizinbasis)
Joint Support Services (Streitkräftebasis)
HeadquartersKönigsreh, Mascylla
Commander-in-ChiefThomas Falkner (de facto)
Dorothea I (de jure)
Minister of Defence of the RealmRüdiger Meißert
Chief of DefencesWilhelm Brünar
Military age18
ConscriptionNone (suspended since 2002)
Active personnel167,200 (2017)
Reserve personnel329,700 (2017)
BudgetӃ60.2 billion (US$46.8 billion) (2019)
Percent of GDP2.2%
Domestic suppliersAlbatross
Schütze & Gneisau
Wiesar Verteidigung
Brecht-Gühren GmBH
Foreign suppliers Krumlau
Annual exportsӃ19.9 billion (US$12.4 billion) (2018)

The Imperial Defence of Mascylla, or interchangibly called the Mascyllary Reichswehr (Hesurian: Maskillische Reichswehr) or simply the Reichswehr, is the armed forces of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla and their adjacent civil administration and authorities, being divided into a sole military part (armed forces or Stretkräfte) and a civilian counterpart (Zivilverwaltung). It ecompasses the Mascyllary Army (Reichsheer), the Mascyllary Navy (Marine), the Mascyllary Air Force (Luftheer), the Reichswehr Joint Medical Service (Reichswehrmedizinbasis), and the Joint Support Services (Streitkräftebasis).

Though the Monarch is traditionally the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the Prime Minister de facto maintains this position jointly with the Minister of Defence of the Realm during peace time, although the Monarch may supersede the Prime Minister's powers by a two-thirds majority consent in the Reichsrat and on the behalf and agreement of a Councilman of Defence (Verteidigungskonsul) proposed by the government. Despite these offices having significant powers, the ability to mobilize forces is vested in the Reichsrat, which can declare a state of war, accordingly with the Ministry of Defence of the Realm.

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