Kaede Nakano

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Kaede Nakano
Born (1960-12-01) 1 December 1960 (age 63)
Alma materAnca Déuréy University
Net worthDecrease Ŧ15 billion (2020)

Kaede Nakano (Miranian: 楓 中野, born 1 December 1960) is a Gylian clothesmaker. She is the founder and lead designer of the Clothes Bureau company. She is famous for her designs that draw on office worker uniforms, and has had a significant impact on Gylian clothing.

Early life

Kaede was born on 1 December 1960 in Velouria. She comes from a Miranian Gylian family, and her parents were professionally qualified civil servants. She was exposed from an early age to Levystile and georgette appearances, which influenced her designs.

She studied arts and graphic design at Anca Déuréy University, graduating with an MA in 1983. She then began working as a clothesmaker.


Kaede founded the Clothes Bureau company in 1984. She developed a style based on reappropriating the apparel of office workers (particularly from Kirisaki and Akashi) and transforming them into stylish designs in their own right, removing career connotations. In her first public demonstrations, she humorously emphasised that her shirt designs could help the wearer channel the sex appeal of Rauna Næsve.

During the 1980s, she concentrated on building up a following among Miranian Gylians. The strategy was successful, to the point that Kaede Nakano designs came to be jokingly called "Miranians' national uniform". She then used this exposure to achieve national success.

Kaede's designs gained popularity in the 1990s, being in tune with the climate of the economic rejuvenation, and the cultural changes brought by the Decleyre Summit and the Social Partnership Program. Her designs were adopted by public figures who became style icons, ranging from finance minister Mireille Boulanger and Fusako Fuwa to businesswomen Agathe Sanna, Marie-Agnès Delaunay, Saira Telyn, and Kanna Miyashita.

Her designs also found a niche in "business burlesque" pornography, owing to the success of Frauke Stark and the centrality of business suits to her appearance.

Private life

Kaede is one of Gylias' most successful and richest contemporary clothesmakers, with an estimated net worth of Ŧ15 billion. She is a participant in the Social Partnership Program.

She resides in Velouria, and is married with two children.

She is mainly a practitioner of Kisekidō.