Agathe Sanna

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Agathe Sanna
Born (1970-06-05) 5 June 1970 (age 54)
Argyrokastron, Elena, Gylias
Alma materFederal University of Argyrokastron
  • Businesswoman
  • investor
  • financier
Net worthIncrease Ŧ50 billion (2020)

Agathe Sanna (Hellene reformed: Αγάθε Σαɴɴά; Gylic transcription: Agaþe Sana; born 5 June 1970) is a Gylian businesswoman and investor. She is the founder and CEO of Agsa. One of Gylias' most esteemed business figures, she is a crucial private partner of the National Capital Investment Board, and considered the most influential figure in the private sector of the Gylian economy.

Early life

Agathe was born on 5 June 1970 in Argyrokastron. Her family is of primarily Hellene descent, with some Nordic ancestry. She is the youngest of two children.

She comes from a modest background — her parents were a mathematics teacher and a nurse. She became interested in financial matters due to the wretched decade.

She studied finance at the Federal University of Argyrokastron, graduating in 1991.


Agathe began working as an independent investor after graduation, and established Agsa in 1992. She purchased shares in companies on the GLX, developing a cautious style that emphasised margin of safety, patience, and quality investing.

Agsa became successful, its steady growth allowing it to expand into a full-fledged investment company. Agathe gained recognition for her talent at finance, and developed a positive reputation. She entered the Social Partnership Program, which increased her fame nationally, and Agsa became the main private partner of the National Capital Investment Board.


Agathe follows a "strategy of omnipresence", in keeping with Agsa's leading role in the financial sector. She has invested or purchased shares in every Gylian company, and her judgement carries great weight.

She describes her business philosophy as follows: "Keep a trustworthy reputation, be nice to people, keep your promises, and work smartly."

She firmly believes that the economy must be responsive to human needs, and champions the common good as the most important element of investment.

Public image

Agathe, photographed for the cover of Downtown

Agathe is Gylias' richest person, with an estimated net worth of Ŧ50 billion. She is a prolific participant in the Social Partnership Program, donating the majority of her fortune to numerous philanthropic endeavours and charities.

Agathe is known for her wit and self-confident public image. She is a close collaborator with the NCIB and NCC in directing investment capital and providing financial advice. She is considered the most influential person in the Gylian private sector, described by Capital as "the woman who can move billions of þalers with one phone call".

Agathe is one of several businesswomen whose fame and social responsibility helped make entrepreneurship more attractive in the 1990s, including Marie-Agnès Delaunay, Saira Telyn, and Kanna Miyashita. She became a household name, regularly appearing in the media as a commentator on financial matters and responsible economy, and a style icon, helping popularise Kaede Nakano business suits.

She has used her fame to support and participate in various public information films and social campaigns. Some of the causes she's promoted include participating in the Social Partnership Program, philanthropy and social responsibility among the wealthy, and use of public transport and cycling over cars.

Agathe famously incurs a 100% marginal tax for her earnings above the maximum wage, and boasted, "I'm so rich the government takes all of my income!". She is a frequent participant in Tax Day ceremonies.

Personal life

Agathe is married with no children. She lives in Argyrokastron with her family.

She mainly a practitioner of Hellene polytheism and Concordianism.

Although wealthy, she leads a frugal lifestyle. She is an avid cyclist and a football fan.

Politically, she describes herself as a Donatellist and a supporter of the PALU alliance. She has expressed admiration for Akashi's "centrally planned capitalism", and is a staunch supporter of decentralised planning.