Kanna Miyashita

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Kanna Miyashita
Born (1960-05-22) 22 May 1960 (age 62)
Mytin, Gerşyr, Gylias
Alma materFederal University of Mişeyáke
  • Businesswoman
  • engineer
Known forFounder of Miyashita Industries
Net worthDecrease Ŧ45 billion (2020)

Kanna Miyashita (Miranian: 栞菜 宮下; Gylic transcription: Kana Miaşyta; born 22 May 1960) is a Gylian businesswoman and engineer. She is the founder and president of Miyashita Industries.

Considered one of Gylias' most esteemed business figures, she is known for her commitment to clean technology, green jobs, and adoption of a keiretsu-like business model at Miyashita Industries.

Early life

Kanna was born on 25 February 1960 in Mytin. She comes from a Miranian Gylian family, and her parents owned a family business.

From an early age, she showed an interest in electronics and engineering. She studied engineering at the Federal University of Mişeyáke, graduating in 1982. While at university, she befriended Julia Brückner, a psychology student who would go on to fame as pornographic actress Frauke Stark.

She worked as a merchant to earn additional money while in university. After graduation, she founded a consumer repair business. By the end of the 1980s, she was involved in a few other companies as well, and nurtured greater ambitions.


Kanna founded Miyashita Industries in 1990, by convincing the companies she was involved in to become a cooperative federation. The group made clean technology and green jobs its primary focus, and adopted a business model based on vertical integration, inspired by Miranian keiretsu but also having a Gylian precedent in Gaulette.

Miyashita Industries grew successful and came to focus on heavy industry, where its environmental focus made it stand out. Through participation in the Social Partnership Program, it became one of Gylias' largest industrial groups, and took part in the consolidation of the heavy industry sector under the aegis of the Office of Industrial Production Coordination.

Public image

Kanna is one of Gylias' richest people, with an estimated net worth of Ŧ45 billion. She is a prolific participant in the Social Partnership Program.

She is known for her elegant public image, and is considered a style icon, recognisable for her purple Kaede Nakano business suits. She frequently appears in the media as a commentator on clean technology and environmentally-conscious entrepreneurship, and takes part in Tax Day ceremonies.

Radix commented in 2010 that one significant component of her success is her strong appeal to Miranophile sentiments among the Gylian public. By steering Miyashita Industries towards heavy industry and a conglomerate business model, she evokes the popular image of Miranian prosperity and skill.

Private life

Kanna resides in Velouria, and is married with three children. She is mainly a practitioner of Kisekidō.

Among her other endeavours, she is an investor in Polaris and The Pump. She has guest starred as herself in various film and television shows.

She is close friends with Frauke Stark — a relationship that dates back to their time in university —, Kaede Nakano, Kaho Kawase, Agathe Sanna, Saira Telyn, and Marie-Agnès Delaunay.

She is a passionate fan of electric motorsport, and has had a collection of electric sports cars at various times, all but one now donated. She credits her love of cars for her interest in clean technology, born out of a concern for avoiding a negative impact on the environment.

During the 1990s, she became known for associating herself with the Neo-Gylian Sound scene, particularly Readymade Records. She particularly bonded with Ritsuko Management's Tsubasa Akiyama and Kotomi Nakamura over their shared love of sports cars.