Liberal Party (Mascylla)

(Mascyllary) Liberal Party

(Maskillische) Liberale Partei
AbbreviationMLP; LP
ChairmanAlexander Bratge
General SecretaryInes Meserburg
General managerMatthias Glau
Founded8 October 1922; 97 years ago (1922-10-08)
HeadquartersHenrieke-Glades-Straße 15, Königsreh, Mascylla
Youth wingLiberal Youth
Membership (December 2019)Increase 74,570
Classic liberalism
Social liberalism
Political positionCentre to centre-left politics
Colours     Yellow
SloganDemocratic. Fair. The Liberals.
44 / 403
23 / 163
State Councils
208 / 1,569
Lords-minister of the states
2 / 21

The Liberal Party (Hesurian: Liberale Partei, LP), often referred to as the Mascyllary Liberal Party (Maskillische Liberale Partei, MLP) is a traditional liberal centre to centre-left political party in Mascylla. It is currently led by Alexander Bratge and Ines Meserburg since 2018. As a classical liberal party, it strongly advocates for human rights, civil liberties and the development of internationalism.

The MLP was founded in 1922 through the merger of various liberal parties, namely the Liberalists and the Democrats' Party of Mascylla. Since then, it has played a significant role in the Reichsrat, holding the balance of power and having signed coalition treaties with the more traditional government parties of the SDP and the NDU, the last time with the election of Michael Meilke in 1994. Since 1924, there was no time at which the MLP was not able to surpass the 3 percent threshold, thus gaining no representation in the Reichsrat.