Moundra and Tyrean

Moundra and Tyrean

Motto: "For the greater good"
Ethnic groups
95% Moundrian or Tyreanian
Demonym(s)Moundrian, Tyreanian
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Kristoffer of Hellona
• Co-King
Zasl I
CurrencyHellonian krona (HEK)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Driving sideright
ISO 3166 codeMTH
Internet TLD.He, .mr, .tri

Moundra and Tyrean, officially under the Realm Constitution the Dual Kingdom of Moundra and Tyrean, is a semi-autonomous country under protection and a part of the Hellonian Realm, located on Veterra. Moundra and Tyrean became a Vismaric protectorate under the Vismar Union, after the civil unrest in the country. After the Vismar broke up, the San Cortez-Moundra and Tyrean Autonomous Protectorates was split up in German San Cortez and Hellonian Moundra and Tyrean. Moundra and Tyrean has a co-king under the Hellonian monarch, acting as head of state for the Moundra and Tyreanian country while the Hellonian monarch represents them as country under the Hellonian Realm.


First Kingdom

The earliest documentation of the Moundrian people are made by the the Livinans who fought them during their conquest in the 1st century. They have been integrated into the Livinan Empire and their culture, language and technology merged. After 4 centuries of peace the empire was invaded by barbarians, the Northern provinces sacked and burned. This led to the collapse of the the Empire the Moundrian people fled southwest from the invading barbarians where they settled on the southern part of a peninsula and established their own state.

Early Ages

Not much is known of the next 2 centuries. But we that at the 7th century the barbarians were finished with the remnant of the Livinan Empire and were looking who to attack. To the south lied 5 kingdoms. The Kingdom of Moundra, the Kingdom of Inmed, the Kingdom of Ferdam, the Kingdom of Oplina and the Kingdom of Hiscal. The kingdoms were currently fighting and this gave a perfect opportunity for the attack. Ferdam and Oplina fell after in months, the barbarians destorey everything in their path. The remaining kingdoms hesitantly signed a peace treaty with the barbarian king, Kirönor. In the treaty Kirönor would keep the conquered land and not attack the others, in return the kingdoms would pay an annual sum.

But the peace was short lived and after half a century fighting erupted between the kingdoms and the barbarians. This time the kingdoms were prepared and pushed invaders back and completely out of the peninsula. Although the success was short lived and as fighting began for the reconquered lands. The Moundrain king, Benefur wanted the land for himself while the others seemed to reestablish the two old kingdoms. Although Benefur won the war the was in ruins and the was treasury empty. During these wars the great library burned down and a large amount of historical data lost.

After Benefur's death in 793 his heir, the 6-year-old Kialad, was overthrown by a group of nobles.They declared the First Noble Republic of Moundra. A violent civil war broke out with the supporters of the new system and the loyalist who wanted the monarchy back in power. The situation was complicated by the barbarian tribes who attacked again in 810. The king of Hiscal, Wrepel offered help defeating the royalist rebels and the invading barbarians but in return they have to pay him half of the nation's annual income. The desperate noble council accepted, but Wrepel instead of defeating the barbarians used his army to occupy the country. Moundra was divided up to 3 parts. The north went to the barbarians, the east to Certa, the queen of Inmed and the southwest became part of the Kingdom of Hiscal.

After 38 years the people in the Inmed rebelled against Certa. The Inmedian queen died and her heir, Loppas needed help defeting the rebels. So he made a deal with the Moundrians. He would set them free if they helped him. Loppas held his word and marched his army out of the east of Moundra. There the Grand Duchy of Moundra was established with the now 55-year-old Kialad as grand duke. His son, Kialad II negotiated and bought the lands back from the barbarians in the north. Now having the 2/3 of the formed kingdom under his controll he crowned himself king of Moundra. The new king of Hiscal, Firtem not as brave as his father afraid of a possibly rebellion relinquished control of the last 1/3. At last the Kingdom of Moundra was whole again.

First Queen

King Kialad II died without having any children in 878. The crown would have naturally would have fallen to his brother Kirlas, but he was declared insane. With the help of the nobility his only daughter, Iodra was crowned Queen of Moundra. The nobility hoped that they would easily control the 14-year-old child. Their plan failed when the signs of insanity showed on Iodra. When a group of nobles demanded her to abdicate she ordered their execution. Soon after she started a war with the neighbouring Kingdom of Hiscal, which by now annexed the Kingdom of Ferdam. But while the war was ongoing Iodra was betrayed by her aunt, the regent who wanted the crown for her child, Fiorl. She seised power and won the war.

Second Republic

But she could never see her plan succeed. The nobles attacked her in the throne room and she was slain. Although the king, Fiorl escaped the nobles declared the Second Republic of Moundra. This only lasted for 2 years because the disagreement between nobles. In 901 Fiorl returned with the army of the Oros, King of Oplina and regained the throne.

Expansion Period

But the help of the King of Oplina didn't came for free. In return for the help Fiorl's daughter would marry Oros's son. The marriage was held in 932, so when Fiorl died in 934 the two houses were merged. Iodra and Oros ruled over the kingdoms separately, but in a very similar manner. They declared war on the neighbouring kingdoms of Hiscal and Inmed. These wars were quick and successful and the territories if their realm tripled. Unfortunately Iodra died during childbirth in 937 and his husband died in the same year in a hunting accident. Their son Hiolas was poisoned before crowned king. The rapid death of the Royal Family left the realm in turmoil. It was only amplified by the attack of the Principality of Tyrean, which expanded to 25 times it's original size only in 17 years.

The Long War

Eventually a king was crowned. Dipral III started an effective offensive against the Tyreans. It looked like it will be a short war but the offensive was stopped. A piece was signed in 940 only to be broken the next year. This time the Moundrians decided they will strike a blow to the enemy before it recovers. But their estimates about the size of the Tyrean army was of by a staggering 50.000 troops. So the war quickly reached a stalemate where the border castles were besieged continuously by the different sides. In 955 Dipral gets injured in a battle and becomes incapable. Peace negotiation were started. In 960 a peace was agreed on were Dipral's sister would marry the Tyrean heir, but it was only signed after the death of Dipral.

Empire of Moundra and Tyrean

FIAV historical.svgFlag of the Empire

In 961 with the marriage of Sysses, Princess of Moundra and of Oplina married Tezer, Prince of Tyrean and a new age began. Their son, Kialad became the first Emperor of the newly formed Empire of Moundra and Tyrean.

Modern Age

Around 1900, civil unrest became widespread in the country. Emperor Zasl I plead the newly established Vismar Union to help quell the unrest, having troops nearby the new protectorate of San Cortez. Moundra and Tyrean was taken into the Vismar Union as a protectorate and peace quickly returned.

After the Vismaric break-up, Moundra and Tyrean was ceded to the Hellonian Realm, where it continued to be a protectorate. In 1942, Moundra and Tyrean was made a constituent country in the Hellonian Realm, after a referendum was held on being a protectorate.