ᚦᚱᛁᛖᛋᛈᛁᛏᛋ (Hellonian)
Flag of Tirpitz
Motto: "We want to remain what we are"
"Wir wollen bleiben, was wir sind" (German)
Anthem: Unser Heimat
Our fatherland

Royal anthem
[Mars der zeven winden]
"March of the seven winds" (English)
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
  • 76.3% German
  • 6.8% Hellonian
  • 16.9% other
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Kristoffer of Hellona
• Governor-Minister
Hendrik Altmaier
LegislatureFederal Diet
• 1888 estimate
CurrencyHellonian krona (HEK)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (CE)
Driving sideright
ISO 3166 codeHTR
Internet TLD.tr, .tri

Tirpitz is constituent country of the Hellonian Realm. It is located on southern point of Grovallis, bordering Libertania in the north. It is a federal parliamentary democracy under the constitutional monarchy of Hellona.




Bio diversity


Constitutional framework

When Tirpitz was bought by the Hellonian state, it transitioned to the expected form of government for a constituent country in the Realm. This meant the highest legislative and executive powers from then onwards lie in the Aldag and its council of ministers. However, due to the highly decentralised nature of the Hellonian Realm, the individual constituents de facto have the highest control of all matters except monetary and military policy. The constitution of Tirpitz is currently laid down in two documents, the Act on Tirpitz in the Realm and the Charter of the Realm. These documents can only be changed in case of a two-thirds majority in the Federal Diet in case of the Act on Tirpitz in the Realm, while in the case of the Charter for the Realm, there is a need for an absolute majority in the Aldag.

Tirpitz has a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, with King-Exalt Kristoffer acting as the current head of state. The role of the monarch within the actual politics of Tirpitz is extremely limited to ceremonial and representative functions. By extension, the King-Exalt of Hellona also acts as the monarch of the entire Hellonian Realm. The monarch does not send a representative in his place, with the executive power of the monarch being invested in the Minister-Governor. The monarch and the Royal Family undertake a variety of other unofficial representative duties in Hellona, the Realm and abroad. The monarch also acts as head of the Asatru faith, hence the title of King-Exalt. Officially both titles are seen as separate and only held by the same person.


Ethnicity and language

Most of the inhabitants of Tirpitz are German. Therefore, German is the official language of education and state affairs throughout the country. It is spoken by around 40% as a first language and by 90% including non-native speakers. The other official language is Hellonian, natively spoken by around 30% of the population and 80% as a secondary language. It is mainly used for communication within the Hellonian Realm.