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From Beneath the Ice With Burning Embers of Passion
Welcome to the High Queendom of Sparkalia! Established by Chaotic Sparkles, Sparkalia is an inclusive community for misfits and role-players alike. While the region may appear to be a formal country, it is also very much a sanctuary and free haven. Sparkalia offers a community for those looking for a place to fit in and chill out and a world to build your own fantasy nation in the future.
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The Magian Kraterocracy, officially the Kraterocracy of Magia Regnum, was a state situated in Dacia ruled by Proto-Masters, who established Magian hegemony over much of the territory of modern Magia Regnum after the Era of Ruin. Initially a territory of unorganized, magician city-states, the Magians soon gained unique powers with the introduction of the Ōrumaiti to their societies in the 800s which saw to a rise of a new class of magical users known as Magical Girls which soon saw the takeover an unification of the territory during the War of the City-States under Emi "Dawn Fighter" Kei who established herself as Proto-Master. (See more...)
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Kyldigard (Garderruth: Kyldigard [kɪldiɡäɹd]), officially the Federated Councils of Kyldigard, is a country located in northwestern Pelia, strattling the edge of the Clastoclites. To its west is the Kesper Sea and to its north is the Wintry Ocean. It borders the Ascended Kingdom of Khijovia to its southwest. Its capital city is Muremysct, and it has a population of about 27,000,000 Kyldigardian citizens and residents, of which 84% are of the Kyleth majority species, less than 1% are of the giant Kitan minority species, and 16% are of the minority Scizc species. Kyldigard is made up of 20 cantons and 3 colonial territories: West Yeverekev, North Yeverekev, and East Yeverekev. Kyldigard's majority religion is Relejism and it has hundreds of other small folk faiths and borrowed foreign faiths, all of whom share equal rights under the law due to Kyldigard's secular government. (See more...)
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» Region Rules « As permitted by the Sparkalia Royal Prerogative, Article III, Section I, Sub-section E, these are the rules for decorum as issued by the High Queen that are to be upheld and to adhere by.
» The Court « The Court of Sparkalia acts as the regional government which governs the greater community as permitted by the Royal Prerogative. It oversees every aspect of the region, especially keeping the peace.
» Her Highness' Valiant Cavalry « The Valiant Cavalry is the military unit of the High Queendom. It is the only military service branch of Sparkalia. The unit is employed to fight for Sparkalia's security interests & beliefs, to defend the region from whatever threats may lurk.
» Sparkalia State Honors « The Ribbons & Awards of Sparkalia
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» Introduction to RP « An In Character and Out Of Character Look at Sparkalia
» Roleplay Rules « The Roleplay Rules of Sparkalia
» Roleplay Map « The Map of Sparkalia
» Lore « Additional Lore
» Sparkalia Planet Page « Sparkalia Planet Main Page
The Court
Nickname Role NationStates IIWiki userpage Occupation
Lia Founder
High Queen
Chaotic Sparkles.png Chaotic Sparkles
Lurynia flag.png Oyus
Oyus The occupant of the Purple Throne. The High Queen's word is law and the final word on law rests with her. She leads the region. They also appoint the government as needed and are able to make revisions to the Royal Prerogative when necessary.
Momi Crown Princess Choslow Flag 2.0.png Choslow Momi Cherenkov The heir to the Purple Throne as designated by Her Highness. The Crown Princess does not hold any specific duties per the prerogative but likely serves in some capacity and office in order to gain further experience leading. In times of the High Queen's absence, she may serve as Princess-Regent.
Kaya Lady Chamberlain Warsky 67804.png Warsky n/a The true head of government. The Chamberlain oversees the government and advises the High Queen on all regional matters. They are able to issue temporary stays of power by officers of the Court until Her Highness rules otherwise and is a signing authority on treaties.
Nacotuirne Chancellor Nacortuine 756884.jpg Nacortuine n/a The head diplomat. The Chancellor acts in the interests of the Purple Throne, overseeing foreign relations with other regions friendly and hostile alike. They enforce the foreign & embassy policies of Sparkalia and are signing authorities of treaties.
Julie Cupbearer Lorzepk 919587.png Lorzepk TohiCZ The Head of Role Play Affairs. The Cupbearer oversees the roleplay, managing the rules, map, and mentoring roleplayers to make interesting roleplay. The Cupbearer is able to appoint the 'Master of Maps' to manage the map and 'Pages' to assist and mentor in roleplay.
Akiko Court Jester The neo russ republic 429790.png The Neo Russ Republic Kaidokoku The Head of Cultural Affairs. The Court Jester ensures that the region is lively and active by overseeing the cultural activities of Sparkalia including special events, like contests or festivals. The Jester is able to appoint 'Fools' to assist them in planning and governing.