Rongzhuo Strategic Protocol Organisation

Rongzhuo Strategic Protocol Organisation
سازمان پروتکل استراتژیک رونگ رونگ
Soorat-jeyshee Tashkeelat-e Rangshahr
Organisation du protocole stratégique de Rongzhuo
ROSPO logo.png
Flag of ROSPO
Emblem of ROSPO.png
Emblem of ROSPO
Member states of ROSPO
Formation14 August 1982 (1982-08-14)
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersRongzhuo, Xiaodong
Official language
Mojtahed Bayat-Zanjani
Coordinator of Land Forces
Brig. General Ren Shaokuan
Coordinator of Naval Forces
Admiral Sayeed Sayyari
Coordinator of Air Forces
Air Marshal Ramesh Sabanis

The Rongzhuo Strategic Organisation Protocol is a military alliance in southern Coius currently consisting of the Auspicious Republic of Xiaodong, the Union of Zorasani Irfanic Republics and the Union of Federated Republics of Satria. ROSPO was founded in 1980 originating from the Xiaodongese-Zorasani Treaty of Collective Defence which saw the two nations agree to a policy of collective defence following the Coastal Crisis, the unification of Zorasan and the creation of the COMSED. The organisation was formalised in 1982 following the signing the Rongzhuo Strategic Protocol.

ROSPO has since focused on integrating military technology and expanding membership. Unlike COMSED widely seen as as ROSPO's rival ROSPO does not include any economic or political element, being a military focused alliance.


  • Separate treaties of mutual defence between the three nations over the years.
  • Shared goals of anti-imperialism and hegemony over the regions they inhabit.
  • All considered revisionist powers.
  • Development of COMSED and regional tensions leads to greater cooperation between the main three.
  • Signing of the Strategic Protocol to provide mutual defence.
  • Possible intervention in some regional conflicts? likely a large deployment or at least joint air campaigns in the Duljunese War and possibly Operation Eastern Protection.

Military operations

Participating countries




  • Secretariat - the civilian body that manages the administration of the organisation.
  • Conference - The meeting between HoS/HoG/Foreign ministers/Defence ministers
  • Supreme Command - The main military body consisting of chiefs of staff.
    • Coordination Committee for Land Forces
    • Coordination Committee for Naval Forces
    • Coordination Committee for Air Forces
  • Research Council - Joint research between ROSPO members. Totally not Xiaodong giving nuclear secrets to allies.