Republican Party (Luepola)

Republican Party

Respublikanska Partija
ChairmanKrăsto Ivanović
Secretary-GeneralIgor Tutić
Deputy ChairmanIvo Kramarić
FounderŽeľko Igrec
Founded5 October 1987
HeadquartersPrishek, Luepola
Youth wingTBD
MembershipIncrease 541,311 (2020)
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationTBD
Colours     Blue
Slogan"Viera, Prava, Sloboda"
Faith, Right, Freedom
Seats in the Popular Assembly
38 / 88
Seats in the Great Assembly
234 / 614

The Republican Party (Luepolan: Republikanska Partija, ResP) is a centre-right political party in Luepola. The party was founded by Žeľko Igrec in 1830 during the First Luepolan Republic, making it Luepola's oldest political party. It contended primarily with the more conservative Unity Party, and later with the Progressive Party and Communist Party throughout the First Republic era.

After the Communist Party came to power under the leadership of Lev Gincburg, the Republican party was outlawed alongside all other prominent political parties. After the establishment of the State of Luepola in the wake of the Great War, the party was relegalized and allowed to compete in elections; however, the Republican party was routinely defeated by the Unity party in elections, and the president was constitutionally prohibited from being a member of any political party. Nonetheless, Marko Herceg was a member of the Republican party who left the party in order to fill the office of President, whereas his predecessor Christian Dobrovitch and successor Zdravko Kasun had closer ties to the Unity party.

Following the Luepolan Spring, the Republican Party faced the Unity party in the 1985 elections. By that point, the parties' platforms coincided more than they differed; the Republican party went on to win a landslide due to it being backed and run by national hero Emil Ivanušić and due to the Unity party's reputation as being collaborationist with the Vierz government during the Silent War. The Unity Party was disbanded shortly thereafter, with most of its members joining the Republican party. In the wake of the Unity party's disbanding, the Progressive party was refounded and the Luepolan Workers' Party was founded, the latter particularly rising to prominence as the primary contender to the Republican party.

The Republican party currently holds a plurality in both houses of the Sliet, and along with the Center and Nationalist parties comprises the current government. The incumbent president Savo Grigorević is a member of the Republican party and is running for re-election as the party's nominee in the next election. The party has been chaired by Krăsto Ivanović since 2016; as leader of the majority party in the current government, Ivanović also serves as the appointed Chairman of the Great Assembly.