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The United States of Silverdale

Estados Unidos de Silverdale
Flag of Silverdale
National Seal of Silverdale
National Seal
Motto: "The Children of Aurora"
"The Penguin Loving State!"
Location of Silverdale
CapitalSnowy Light
Official languagesEquestrian, Silverdalean, Elven, Penguinese
Ethnic groups
Beastlings 54%
Humans 22%
Elves 15%
Treefolk 4%
Others 5%
Silver Harmonism
• President
Miranda Songbird
• Queen
Talva Loveheart
Republican Reformation
• Reforming the government to a republic
June 12, 1940
• Total
810,529 km2 (312,947 sq mi)
• 1.15% per year estimate
• 2019 census
Silverdalean Census
• Density
120/km2 (310.8/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
$14.42 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencySilverdale Bit (SB)
Time zoneSilverdale Central Standard Time (NPLCST)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sidevehicles drive on the right side of the road
Calling code199

The United States of Silverdale (commonly known as United States, Silverdale, and USS), is a nation located in the southernmost hemisphere in the region of Mystria. The nation is a Presidential Federal Republic, which encompass the continent of the Silverline, its nearby islands, and the Shivering Peninsula of Endless Winter (or known as Antarctica). The nation is a medium size country, surrounded by the Great Blue Ocean and the Chilly seas. The United States of Silverdale border the small island state of the Fairy Alliance, and in the off distance of the North is Rohane Alista, and Orlenais to the far West.


The name Silverdale means "the Silver Valley" which came from the same location where the nation was created. The name was adopted by Queen Aurora to represent the winter seasons and the land's abundant natural resources of great wealth.


Main article: History of Silverdale

Prehistory Period

Prehistory of Silverdale began with the great immigration of the races of Arcadia into the mainland Silverdale and its nearby islands for the fresh green and fertile lands from the now Frozen South Pole. All by the splintered penguin tribes who stayed in Endless Wastelands and settled in the region of Shivering Peninsula, where the earliest settlements emerged by the arcane gifts of the Winter Circles. At this period, while unknown of the exact year, did the Elven race separated into two distant species called Manakete (or dragon elf) and Eis (Arctic Elves) by their religious blessing of Avala and Airus. The discovered of ancient burial and ritual sites in the Reach and Silver mountains by the elven tribes were the believed locations of their metamorphosis. This founding helps to reason by these regions serve as the elven tribes homeland in Silverdale. While the rest of the races can be found across the continent, the first cities could be found in the Cherial region where ponykind, cowfolk, and humans develop early forms of agriculture.

Ancient Silverdale

Ancient Silverdalean civilization, known as the Light Tear Civilizations, was founded by the class of druids who connect and spread their wisdom to the earliest kingdoms as many roam the landscape to serve religious purposes to the local inhabits. The Sage Path, an ancient trade network, was establish with the legendary Alicorn named Oven Heart rose from a once pillaged city by poor harvest and monster attacks to a regional power over Cherial known as Chen, spread wealth and knowledge across the land. Oven Heart traveled across the land to aid ponykind and created the Life Society to preserve life in the land as the Chill hit the Silver land.

Golden Herd Period

Silver Polis

In the late ancient era, the three kingdoms of the Tristan, Chen, and Milkdale were rivals and struggle for dominates of the Cherial region. In this time, the mysterious oceanic vessels approach the Summer Isles and the northern coastline, which brought the attention of Chen as they sent the head priestess Miko Whiteout to make contact and somehow ask for aid from these strange pony folk. As the emissary found out of their name, the Golden Herd and its riches, Chen took the opportunity to ask for alliance, which Miko Whiteout traveled to the Golden Polis and learn of the marvels of its civilization.

When Milk Whiteout return, she achieved a military alliance and brought forth a legion of Golden Herdites to land in the small Silver port town, which was rename Silver Polis. The Golden Herd and Chen swiftly conquered their great rivals, and as a reward Miko Whiteout became Proconsul of the new subherd. Not only Chen will become the capital, but Silver Polis will grew into the largest city, as cultural, philosophy, and technological advances were brought to the region.

Formation of Silverdale

After the Great Ruin, the Golden Herdite Province of Silverdale became isolated from the world. The war left the province drained of its manpower and treasury, and the surviving veterans shocked the land that the Golden Polis is no more. Without the trade of the empire and resources, the economy of the province collapsed and discord broke out upon the land. The Province capital of Chen suffered the great Potato Riot that forced the ruling Consul Augustus Grapekin the Penguin to fled to Silver Polis, and a civil war soon followed. In an act of desperation, Augustus Grapekin reorganized the Provence to become a new Empire called the Silver Herd and became a new dictator. Shocked by this act, Emperor Augustus Grapekin was shortly assassinated, but the succession Apollo Sunspear crowned herself Empress Augustus Sunspear and processed to crush the rebellion. The once republic of the Golden Herd declined into a despot monarchy and the senate became more corrupted as the years passed as the Silver Herd faced numerous tribal invasions from the south. Some of the tribes were integrated to the Empire, and the druid circles rose to become a powerful class that brought back the old ways of generations before the herd to cleanse what they saw as the Empire's decadence.

Fall of Silver Polis

The Silver Herd faced its end when the great goat demoness named Aqua took over as Empress and ruled the land in an ironfist, unleashing destruction and chaos. The great cities of Chen and Silver Polis was sacked and pillaged by hordes of demons. Civilians flee the Empire towards the wilderness, and sought shelter to other kingdoms and tribes. At this age, the young Earth Pony Daring Loom discovered the fey pony called Aurora, an alicorn, and bet her to help his people. As Aurora sensed the land cried for land with its inhabitants of both sapient and wild, Aurora accepted and made the young stallion her knight. The two aided the people of the land, and soon rose up with the grand crusade of Light and Dark to rid the demonic blight of the land.

At the siege of Silver Polis, Aurora and Aqua faced each other in the heat of battle and clashed against each other. At the end of the duel, Aqua was defeated and found mercy by Aurora. With Aqua defeated and turned side to the holy crusade, the demonic horde banished from the land, and the Empire freed from chaos. The Crusaders, who found Aurora as their rightful ruler, gave Aurora the crown to the Silver Herd, the Kingdom of Crystalia, the Holy Kingdom of Derpicorn, the Kingdom of Elkia, and the Island of Feydale. With the realms unified, Aurora created Silverdale and moved the capital to Snowy Light.

Queendom of Silverdale

Unified by Queen Aurora, the land was named Silverdale and reformed into a monarchy ruled by the Queen Herself. Yet her spirited nature allowed her subjects to be ruled by the local nobility and other forms of government, as long they answered to the crown. As Silverdale developed to a stable Kingdom and expanded by diplomatic means to encompass more people, the people viewed Queen Aurora as not only a benevolent ruler, but as a mother and a goddess. This status came from the missionary trips by the harmonists who syncretism efforts of the Silverdalean pantheon and the neo druidic movement that rose from Aurora’s rule, and Aurora being an Alicorn on pair with Celestia herself.

Age of Exploration

When the stories of the Golden Herd from overseas, the penguin traders, and other strange visitors captured that imagination, many dared to venture across the Great Blue Ocean to explore the unknown for the rich lands of Herdite Merchant Republic, Equestria, and the Mist Continent. This was fueled by religious reasons as the demand for harmonist pilgrims, and holy sites to folks of wisdom in the Twilight Church at other lands, pushed the sailors to go to new heights. At this time period, the great expedition of Victoria Drake and Merlin Loinheart was embark their legendary Circumnavigation journey around the World and Mystria. Not only did the economy grow, but foreign relations between the Kingdom of Dyste was founded into an alliance when King Tyroth made his legendary voyage from the Great Blue Ocean, slain the Kraken, and visited the Queen herself.

Union of the Penguin Kingdoms

As this time, the largest Penguin Kingdom, the Ice Kingdom, King Chalachin fell into the influence of the entombed dragon deity Garyx, who called for him to bring her wrath across the Silverdale and a new age for Penguinkind. Lost in this madness ambition, he began to create a weather machine to freeze over Silverdale, and cause tyrannical rule. This ended when a band of adventurers and the Rainbow Kight Raynebow aided Prince Edgar to snap the king out of his madness, and prevented such a disaster across the realm.

Relationships between the Penguin Lands and Silverdale warmed up after the incident, and better ties were established. In the Coming Darkness, a great Behemoth was unleashed from its frozen prision and terrorize the Icy Coast and the southern coastline of Silverdale. Princess Snow and the Penguin leaders banded together, and helped defeat the vile monster. To celebrate and help grow from the disaster, both lands united under one banner to recover from the attack. At this time, the first Congress was made as the call of representation from the civilian population came from the enlightenment of Golden Herdite ideas.

Decline of the Monarchy

The fall of the Monarchy of Silverdale began with the disappearance of Queen Aurora. As an abnormal magical surge of a great Glacier rise and then retreat that unleash unspeakable monsters in the Icy Coast, Queen Aurora herself and a company of royal knights traveled to the Howling Winds. On June 25 of 1928 at midnight, the night lights vanish as a blizzard settle in and at that moment when Aurora travel down to the Glacier with her company, she vanish without a trace. Many of the company were lost, but some return to report the news of what happened that night. In a response, many knights known as Questers Knights attempted to find Aurora and her heirs, but with no avail. At this moment, the regent Black Clover came into power during the succession crisis, as the crowned Heir Princess Snow and her Winter Palace vanished without a trace.

Silverdale faced an economic decline as the markets suffered a depression and the inherit wealth divisions between the nobility and the common grew wider. At first, Black Clover eased such downturns, but the authoritarian nature and chaos grew within each actions to down right draconian grew. Members of his council became his cronies and corruption spread rapidly. This hit the boiling point the Regent declared to be the new ruler, and dark magic consumed a number of cities to create a long lasting winter. In February 21 of 1940, Black Clover proclaim his kingship of Silverdale and closed the House of Congress to begin his purge of the nation with magical extension of winter. His political opposition quickly rose up and declared the king to be a mad tyrant, which led to the Silverdalean Civil War.

Silverdalean Civil War

Magi Infantry protecting his squad

The Silverdalean Civil War broke out on February 25, 1940, against the rule of King Black Clover. The rebellious forces created an uneasy alliance as the different ideologies that consisted of the Congressional Forces of Cherial region, the many warlords across the nation, the Fairy Alliance in the southeast, and Rubydale in the Endless Wasteland. The two sides clashed against each other, and later in the civil war against each other, which lead to the deadliest military conflict in Silverdale history with millions of deaths in total.

As the war raged on, the fairies were defeated by Black Clover's forces and forced to retreat to Nine Island to use as their last stronghold. This however, led to Black Clover's Forces to be overextended as the combined forces in 1943 of January 15 pushed into the Capital of Silverdale and expelled the king from the throne. With the fall of the capital, his forces collapsed into many armies of warlords find a position of power. In late January, the Grand Convention was held in hopes to end the civil war and establish peace. Peace talks soon failed as the Fairy Alliance declared independence from Silverdale, and the second phase of the war, the Windego Wraith, ensued. Rubydale capitulate along others as winter consumed them with many monsters plagued the land and brought great ruin. Powerful magi along side with Gwynie and adventuress descended into Endless Winter, and at the end of the civil war returned with the threat of Winter disappeared. In the end of the war, the Congressional Forces eliminated the last of the warlords and restored harmony into the land of Silverdale.

Birth of the Republic

In 1946 the Congressional Forces transform the nation into a republic called the United States of Silverdale. The state abolish the title of monarchy as it had no legitimate heirs and unable to perform the task to promote harmony across the nation. Yet the centuries led by Aurora, now vanish, changed many ponies lost and grief for the destruction of the nation.

The First President Hamelin Edouard Bellerose worked to strengthen the state and create the model of Silverdale as a Federal Republic that ultimately answered to the central government. The Republic began to renewal the economy and social programs to bring Silverdale in the modern light.

Early 21th Century

In the times of trouble where hostile nations across the globe aimed to eradicate Ponykind, Silverdale passed the Shining Beacon of Light Act to open its hands for pony refugees and develop its military to protect the nation against possible threats. The Coalition of Ponyist States was desirable to many Silverdaleans, but President Aqua Crystal and skeptical magi were concern on the Hippostania being extradimensional dark parody of ponies and how the Coalition would represent the values of friendship would last. As Hippostania descend into a rogue state and signs of distrust between the member states, Silverdale refused to join the Coalition to purpose its own interests to promote friendship.

Silverdale improved its relationships with Crystal Spires and join to defend the Beastling Lands in the Shrill Crisis. While the war never came and ended peacefully, the Silverdaleans upon return home unintentionally awaken the Karken in the Aurora Ocean by a series of convoys and fleets nearby a remote island. The Karken named Davy Jones, rallied an alliance with the naga and other sea monstrous, and unleashed a horrific in the high seas which would be known as the Secret War at Aurora Ocean. The sea route became dangerous and food prices rocketed, which lead President Littlepip and the Band of Silverdaleans to faced the Karken itself. In the Battle of Stormwind, President Littlepip and the first fleet clashed against the monster, and successfully defeated it. This was at the cost of President Littlepip fell down into a comatose state after a powerful strike from the Karken, and the nation was left to Vice President Kaga Blizzardheart the Foxkin to led Congress to its recovery efforts from the Secret War.

Silverdale partake in the diplomatic efforts in the Akila crisis for a peaceful solution, and supplied the Akilans to defend themselves against the Celestial Harmony Empire Aggressors. When the demonic threat in Borealia led to the destruction of Celestial Harmony Empire, Montesardo-East Adanzi, and other nations, Silverdale open its hands once more to accepted the surviving refugees to live in Silverdale.

Contemporary History

In recent times, Silverdale suffered a period of civil unrest after the public reveals that former President Cynthia Luvgood aided a conspiracy group known as the 'Those Who Slither in the Dark' to revive Garyx years prior and led to the Second Winter War. Cynthia Luvgood's organizations were ceased and went to undergo investigations, as those who were expected to be a part of the conspiracy became selected in an ongoing investigation for corruption, conspiracy, and terrorism.

The Second Winter War started at the start of 2020 and the end of the middle of the session. A state of total war as ice monster hordes led by Garyx brought destruction across the South Pole territories and states, to the southern Coastline of Silverdale. The war ended with a decisive victory for the allied coalition that consisted of the Dragon Sea Alliance, Malgrave, and New Dornalia in aid of Silverdale against the horde. Garyx herself was defeated by a team from the Mystic Guardians but disappeared from her Prison.


Main article: Geography of Silverdale

General characteristics

Silver Mountains in Winter

The island Continent or dubbed large island of Silverdale is the heart land of the nation, with a landmass of X km (x sq). It is the largest island in the nation and encompass most of the nation's land in the Silverdalean Plate. The main island and surrounding lands of Silverdale is surrounded by the Aurora Ocean (also known as the Great Blue Ocean) in the North, and the Snow Sea (also known as the Chilly Seas) in the South. Silverdale have a long coastline of X in the heart land, while its Antarctica lands of the Shivering Peninsula have a coastline line of X. Silverdale owned the surrounding waters zones as territory of X square kilometres.

The lands of the Shivering Peninsula is consist of mountainous barren rock tundra to frozen ice sheets. The region of the Shivering Peninsula lies within Endless Winter, the coldest in the nation. Within this extreme climate zone have an rich resources of fishing, minerals, natural gas, oil, and ice production.

The mainland continent of Silverdale, Silverline, is dominated by the taiga biome with its forests cover across the land. In the taiga forests, magical essences flows to create unique species from the world trees in all corners of the nation, to the giant forest of the south, to the gem forest in Crystallia. The Cherial region, once populated by many forests, is covered by careful wealth manipulation and nature magic to create fertile arable land to have bountiful harvests. The Silver Mountains is a thin mountain range that starts with the Hielo bay, to the Crystalia forests, to the Mt. Snow Light in the crown region, to New Leaf region. The Silver Mountains greats the divide between south and northern Silveredale, with the Light Tear river that flows from Dawny Lake in the center to passage through the Aurora Crossing to Cherial. The Northeast of Silverline lies the Sun Mountains.



Silverdale is characterized by the cold taiga Coniferous forest, and the tundra landscape of the Southpole to its southern islands. The Wilderness is the largest forest in the nation, and national parks were formed to protect the nation's carbon dioxide, sacred groves with religious significant, and majestic wonders like Glacier Bay. Silverdale is also rich with marine life with the famous penguins, to seabirds, whales, and oceanic megafauna.


Main article: Economy of Silverdale

Silverdale is a wealthy country, which has a mixed market and a high standard of living. The nation's labor force boast specialized and talented workers whose magic and creativity allowed to create wondrous products in magitek, magical items, and boost its many industries. This allows Silverdale to produce its national brand of Chilly Willy and other soda products, to eco-friendly consumer goods, timber, automatic vehicles, and high-tech goodies such as computers and phones.

The Silverbit (or known as the Silverdale Dollar) is the national currency used by the whole nation, and accepted by its neighbor nation called the Fairy Alliance.

In the agricultural sector Silverdale depends on international market to fulfill its food consumption, and imports varying stable crops like rice to food on high demand that is grown elsewhere like avocado, oranges, and bananas. Ponykind's natural affinity to control and enchant farm production allowed the Heartland lands of Cherial and middle Silverdale to have intensive farming to grow oats, corn, wheat, potatoes, parsnips, onions, leeks, dills, mustard, plums, apples, peaches, asparagus, and beans. Silverdale boast a rich fishing industry from aquamarine culture by penguin magic to raise and consume krill, shrimp, squids, seals, and fishes.


The United Pony States of Silverdale is a Federal Republic and a Representative Democracy. As the reformation of the nation into a republic and declaration of its new Constitution, the old monarchy position was place in a vacant state for a true heir to come. In this empty position, the state amended a limited executive role to the President, who is elected by a popular vote for a four-year term in office. The Executive Cabinet has ten Secretaries that runs their respected departments, whom are appointed by the president. The Silverdalean Congress is a bicameral legislature, comprised of elected officials representing each state. Silverdale has a system of Checks and Balance, which the Judicial Branch under the Supreme Court oversees the political and natural affairs.

Political divisions

The United States of Silverdale is a Federal Republic of 19 states, two federal districts, numerous territories and several uninhibited islands. The District of Lightdew Valley is a federal district that contains the captain city of Snowy Light, while the District of Skydale is the federal district that contains the largest cloud sky Helicondale. Citizenship is granted at birth in all Silverdalean lands.

Foreign Relationships

Main article: Foreign Relationships of Silverdale

Silverdale maintains an open relationship by the "liberty and harmony" doctrine that maintains peace within the Southern Mystrian region, and to spread friendship and aid others in need across the international community. Silverdale is a member of the IUEF, a founding member of the Dragon Alliance, and a founding member of the Aurora and Snow Harmonic Trade Zone or ASHTZ.

State Departments

Departments of Silverdale Secretaries
Department of Agriculture Flayn Seabreeze
Department of Magic Nico Nagaheart
Department of Defense Neptune Purpleheart
Department of State Empress Snowbreeze
Department of Education Gizela Hearthstone
Department of Energy Angelia Snuggleheart
Department of Treasury Pingu Topaz
Department of Health Medic Hoofburg
Department of Justice Sora Gamelife
Department of Commerce Orange Emberheart
Department of Environmental Protection Shulk Frostwalker


Main Article: Silverdalean Armed Forces

A Water Drake on USS Aurora

Silverdale's Armed Forces is divided into four branches, the Silverdalean Army, the Silverdalean Navy, the Silverdalean Air Force, and the Silverdalean Coast Guard. The Armed Forces are administrated by the Department of Defense, and the commander-in-chief is held by the president. The Silverdalean Armed Forces relies on a professional voluntarily force, although conscription may occur in an event of a war. The Silverdalean Armed Forces is tasked to ensure the defense of the nation, peacekeeping missions, and intervention in oversea conflict.


Largest Cities

Largest cities in the Silverdale
2019 Silverdalean Census

Snowy Light

Rank City Population State Rank City Population State

Penguin City Silver.jpg
Penguin City
Silver City

1 Silver City 12,415,520 Floridea 11 Gingerbeard City 710,852 Sugar Rushy
2 Snowy Light 5,745,000 Federal city 12 Auroras 701,502 Auroras
3 Derpicorn 3,100,100 Derpshire 13 Icicle Fall 653,923 Reach
4 Penguin City 2,523,120 Icy Coast 14 Peppermintville 567,249 Peppermintia
5 Helicondale 2,301,120 Federal city 15 Summerdale 425,520 Chen
6 Chen 2,010,370 Chen 16 Maple Polis 415,682 Maple Polis
7 Silverwoods 1,400,752 Riverdale 17 New Steeledge 411,420 Gallia
8 Crystalia 1,224,642 Crystalia 18 Sunfell 320,140 Dawndale
9 Sunnydale 852,520 Summer Isle 19 Saint Monica 268,230 Windrun
10 New Snowdale 723,542 Icy Coast 20 Winterdale 210,520 Glacier Mane



Silverdalean in the national language and standardized on many levels. 98% of the population speaks the language, with 53% speaks in households only. Yet Silverdale is Multilingual as secondary national languages, such as Elven, Penguinese, Draconic, Common, Equestrian, and Sylvan are standardized in many states. Common is the preferred lingua franca language, as it is widely taught, and 80% of the population speaks the language.


Silverdale is known to have a all-compass ideal known as the Circle of Harmony where its religions share a common grounds with each other, and granted by the constitution for freedom of religion. Silver-Harmonism is the major religion of the nation as its members flux between Harmonism and the native faith of old Pantheonism. Census by 2019 states that it is followed by 83% to 90% of the population. Minority religions are also connected to Silver-Harmonism, but sects that branch out of it are known as Amasalism, the Star Children, and the Gaming Goddeses.


Silverdale culture is described by the harmonious union between indigenous people's tradition and cultural influences from the Golden Herd to Harmonic Nations like Equestria and Greater Pony Herd. Silverdale is home for many different people groups with their unique cultural identities, and histories. Yet each is unified by years built of unity and friendship to create a multicultural state. The nation emphasizes unity and harmony amongst the people as all are equal in the land. As such, the major religious groups of the native faith and Harmonism are promoted to co-exist, and as a result, syncretism between each faith is common as the nation is heavily polytheistic.

Silverdale’s Culture up until the 20th century had a deep admiration of the royal house, the Queen, and monarchist culture. As the nation transformed into a Republic, and embraced liberal ideals of equality, unity, and freedom in the land, a romantic portrayal of Queen Aurora’s reign persists to this day. The care for the natural world and love for its creatures is a large element of Silverdale, as Silverdaleans have a deep reverse towards the environment. It is best emphasized by the flightless birds called penguins that are a national icon of Silverdale.


Silverdalean Pumpkin Tart with almond toffee

Silverdalean Cuisine has a rich history that involved every aspect of its citizeny and variety of diets. The most combined form is the staple food of the potato and fish, which can be used separately for one like a pony or penguin, or combined with many ingredients likes like a human.

Video Games

Ponies playing Marevel vs Capcolt

Video Gaming in Silverdale is a major industry and national pride. The first video games were created in Silverdale from the simple radar and tic-tac-toe, but the first major success was the first video game called Ping Pong and Penguin Slide. soon Silverdale witnesses a great explosion of the Arcade that soon developed across Silverdale. Arcades are still popular in Silverdale and many are crowded within the cities. Misty Joy Console was released in the third generation and quickly became the major console in Silverdale. In Modern day, many Silverdaleans prefer the console and pc as their main form of gaming, but mobile games and handheld are just as popular.


Silverdalean Music is known to be naturalistic in its early form, and diverse in the modern landscape. Classical Natural Express ism is the earliest where Silverdalean musicals uses early instruments of the flute, guitar-like, and violin to be join by magical spells to have birds perform oral and other magical abilities to play a harmonic melody of nature. Another early tradition is the Penguin Throat Singing to call upon spiritual, natural, and courtship songs. When the Golden Herd arrived, many of its instruments were used in plays and story ballets that enriched the music scene.

Silverdale was influenced the musical works of Bob the Kobold Bard, which led the famous penguin Tuxie Windshire to create Silverdalean Rock and Roll, and soon follow by Metal Rock. This evolved into S-Pop, Silverdalean Popular Music.

Visual Arts

Finn Smoothheart, Painting of the Sky, 1963

The history of Silverdalean Visual arts is one of the important parts of Southern Mystrian Art history. The works of Golden Herdite arts and the Ancient peoples of Silverdale created the fantastical Magical Expressionism and natural sculpture works to form the basis of arcane animated objects to move in realistic movement. The early paintings displaced in Golden Heridte Villas displayed social gatherings, legendary events, and landscapes in realistic shape. 

The principle of Silverdalean Visual Art roses in the formation of the kingdom of Silverdale as the Aurorus House of Arts was created to support and encourage the flush of artworks across Silverdale. The Silverdalean Renaissance brought many art techniques thought lost in the Great Ruin and destruction of the Silver Heart to a new generation, which brought both magic and art to life. In this Golden Age, Silverdalean Artists like Sneaky Turtle, Whitefeather Solstice, and others created magical artworks of entire worlds within a canvas and portraits of beings who can interact with the onlooker, with the higher use of anatomy and proportion. Generations of artists soon after aimed to make it grander and show the majesty of both civilization of nature, which Silverdalean Baroque soon followed.

In the wake of the modern era, a rejection of many of the traditions of Silveredalean visual arts as waves of Impressionism to the formation of Modern Art movements formed. Surrealism became the most famous movement in Silverdale by the work of Sugerbun Dali the Antling who used the mundane and magical artworks to influence many generations to follow.


Formal Silverdalean Literature began when the written language was written down by the Ancient Silverdaleans, as many oral tales were composed into a collection of tales by Swift Speaker. The oldest of the Silverdalean written stories were about the Exploits of Oven Heart to the Epic of Pingu, a tragedy of the first flying penguin. The written work became more wide spread when the Golden Herd arrived in Silverdale and rose a number of philosophers, historians, writers, and scientists, like Ophelia Amor, Playdought, Sleepo Bleepo, and Rex Quickfeet.


Hoofball, Swimming, Track, and Ice hockey are always a popular mainstay sports in Silverdale. Martial Arts, Magic Duels, and Combat Arena are traditional sports popular in Silverdale, and annual tournaments are hosted. This includes the Natural Body Arts, Hoof-fu, Martial Combat, and other popular Mystrian Martial Arts sports. Another traditional sport of pony jousting was transformed into a competitive sport and enjoys some form of popularity. Competitive gaming, commonly called Esports, gain popularity by the turn of the 21st century as it becomes a popular event in Silverdale.


Holiday Date Description
New Year's Day January 1st Celebrates the first day of every year in the Gregorian calendar.
Freedom Day January 25 Celebrates the freedoms gained from the tyranny of the Ice Legion.
Harvest Moon May 21 Commemorates the thanks to Gugalanna and Airus for the last harvest.
Aurorus Day May 30 Celebrates the first sighting of the Auroras, and connecting the spirit and earth.
Winter Solstice June 25 Celebrates the the legends of Avala
Nightmare Night October 31 Commemorates the legends of Nightmare Moon.
Hearth's Warmth Eve December 24th Celebrates the day before Hearth's Warmth
Hearth's Warmth December 25th Commemorates the friendship between all creatures
New Year's Eve December 31st Celebrates the end of the Gregorian year