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Sophia Tullia

The Most Renowned

Sophia Pompilia
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Spouse of the Consul of Latium
Assumed office
11 March 2016
MonarchJason VI Augustus
Constantine XX
ConsulAlexander Pompilius
Preceded byThe Duke Ulpius
Chairman of United Latium
Assumed office
18 January 2017
LeaderAlexander Pompilius
Preceded byTheophilius Eburnus
Personal details
Sophia Tullia Iohanna Domnica Rhode

(1966-08-03) 3 August 1966 (age 54)
Leonopolis, Diocese of the East, Latium
Political partyUnited Latium
Alma materCastellum College, Castellum

Sophia Tullia (Sophia Tullia Iohanna Domnica Rhode; born 3 August 1966) is a Latin noblewoman, millionaire and wife of the current Consul of Latium, Alexander Pompilius. Prior to her husband's tenure as Consul, Tullia served as President of Children's Health Initiative charity. She previously worked at Tullii Foundation as Chief Coordinating Director and before that at PharmaTul. She was appointed as Chairperson of United Latium after the coalition's formation in January 2017.

Early life and education

Sophia was born on 3 August 1966 as the eldest child of Michael Tullius and Davina of Tayk at Villa ad Petra Laurea. She has one younger sister, Petronia. Her father was and third son of Duke Constantine Tullius and Clementina Pollia. Her father was also a prominent businessman and politician, serving as CEO of PharmaTul from 1961 to 1996 and 2000 until his death in 2003. He was a Latin senator from 1968 to 1990, and Count of the East from 1987 until 1994. Her mother is the eldest daughter of Samuel, Despot of Tayk and Andrea of Derzene.

She was educated at St Sophia Academy for her primary education, and attended Pescia Academy in Adrianople for her secondary education. Following her commencement, she enrolled at Castellum College, Castellum to study chemistry and environmental health.


It was during her time at Castellum College, Castellum that Sophia met her husband, Alexander. The pair first met in 1984 at a Conservative student body event during Sophia's first year as a student. Alexander was had been a prominent leader of the organization at the time and was introduced to Sophia by her classmate, Philippa Chryselios. Their first date was reportedly at Ristorante Ebor, a prestigious Castellum-based restaurant.

The two continued to date following Alexander's graduation from Castellum Law. They would get married just before Sophia's third year at Castellum in 1986. At the time, Alexander was an advisor to the Conservative Party leader, two years before he would become a Senator. Together, Sophia and Alexander have one child - Anna, who was born on 13 July 1998. Sophia and her husband maintain homes in Castellum, Anavio, and her childhood home in Elusia.

Sophia's father, Michael, passed away in 2003 following a heart attack, leaving Sophia and her sister, Petronia, as chief heirs to his nearly $500 million estate.


After her graduation from Castellum in 1988, Sophia earned employment at PharmaTul, a pharmaceutical company run by her father. She would only work for PharmaTul for six months before being appointed Chief Coordinating Director at the Tullii Foundation.

Charitable work

Sophia worked as Chief Coordinating Director at the Tullii Foundation from spring 1989 until 1992. During her time as CCD, Sophia primarily worked as an intermediary between the foundation and other charities, often determining which funds would be awarded where. From 1989 until 1992, the Foundation primarily sought to fund charities relating to children's health, poverty and inner city students. Following her departure from Tullii Foundation, Sophia created the Children's Health Initiative - a charity . She served as President of the organization from its founding in 2004 until spring 2016 when he husband became Consul.


Sophia has been active in politics since her first year of university, where she was a member of Conservative Student Union - the youth organization for the Conservative Party. She had been an active member in the party from 1985 until its dissolution in 2017, where she became Chairman of the United Latium coalition.

Tullia's political leanings have been self-described as mainstream conservative beliefs, falling in line with all major platforms of the Conservative faction. However on one occasion, Tullia announced her displeasure at the passage of the Morality Acts in 2013, citing that the new laws were "unnecessarily cruel," and that the previous laws held the proper balance between the government's, church and popular interests.

Styles and honors


  • 3 August 1966 - 18 July 1986: Lady Sophia Tullia


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Unofficial roles
Preceded by
The Duke Ulpius
Spouse of the Consul of Latium
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