South Anterian Defense Alliance

South Anterian Defense Alliance
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Flag of the SADA
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Member states of SADA
MottoStabilitatem et libertatem
Formation1 February 2020
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersTaubon, Toubaze
Active Member states of the SADA:
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The South Anterian Defense Alliance (SADA, /`seɪdə/), is an intergovernmental military alliance between five South Anterian countries that was signed on 1 February 2020. The headquarters of the alliance is located in Taubon, Toubaze. Members of SADA are obligated by the South Anterian Treaty to uphold a policy of mutual defense. Signatories of the Treaty affirm their desire to settle regional disputes through peaceful means and to promote economic collaboration between other member states.

Originally three countries - Toubaze, Geordinia, and Foxomexra - were signatories to the South Anterian Treaty, however the alliance has since been joined by Sarussia, Medovia, Almeyynia, Sacrofnia, and New Sebronia. Approval of new members requires a vote in favor from at least two-thirds of current signatories.

The alliance operates a joint space station for research purposes and to promote cooperation between the members. Participation in the maintenance of Liberty Space Station is voluntary, with most funding and support of the station is provided for by Foxomexra - due in large part to it originally having been an independent station for their own use prior to the formation of SADA. Along with this, the Foxomexran government shares use of its Bundes Satellitennavigationssystem (BSNS) with members of the alliance.


According to the South Anterian Treaty, the countries of the South Anterian Defense Alliance are determined to protect the freedom and rights of their people, and to promote stability and freedom in Anteria for the preservation of peace and security. The alliance's formation was led by Toubaze with the intention of keeping their nation and people secure from external threats. SADA has no formal stance on ideological matters, with countries of various diverse governments cooperating in the interests of promoting stability in the region. The alliance supports a position of non-intervention and diplomatic negotiation over military action, with retaliatory military action requiring a two-thirds majority vote before action is taken.

On 29 July 2020, The Declaration on the Zone of Responsibility of the South Anterian Defense Alliance was passed, and thus established the Zone of Responsibility and the Missile Warning Zone that is in force today. The Declaration established a legal basis for the South Anterian Defense Alliance to take a more unified approach to dealing with potential threats to stability in the surrounding regions.

Member States

SADA has nine members, all in the south hemisphere of Anteria. The Founding Members of Toubaze, Geordinia and Foxomexra are the founding members of the SADA with Sarussia joining the Alliance on 25 February 2020 as the first nation besides the founders to sign the South Anterian Treaty. Medovia followed suit on 1 May 2020, Sacrofnia joined the alliance on 16 June 2020 and Fallooplesburg joined on 29 August 2020. After the elected government of Flatstone was deposed by revolutionary elements on 5 September 2020, the nation's membership in SADA ended.

Member States of the South Anterian Defense Alliance:

Nation: Admission Date: Status:
Toubaze Founding Member Active
Geordinia Founding Member Inactive (CTE)
Foxomexra Founding Member Active
Sarussia 25 February 2020 Active
Medovia 1 May 2020 Active
Sacrofnia 16 July 2020 Active
Fallooplesburg 29 August 2020 Active
Cernunnia 4 May 2021 Active
Kakland 11 August 2021 Active

Former Member States of the South Anterian Defense Alliance:

Nation: Admission Date: Withdrawal:
Flatstone 25 August 2020 5 September 2020
Blechingia 27 December 2020 2021