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Kingdom of Blechingia

Kingdom of Blechingia

Konungsríki Gotneska (Götaish)
Great Coat of Arms of Blechingia.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "Sanngirni Guðs sem við trúum"
Fairness of God We Believe
Blank map of Blechingia .jpg
Capital          Læniguëuíl
Largest city      Göteborg
Official languagesEnglish, German, Götaish
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s)Blechingian (Internationally) Goutian (Nationally)
GovernmentFederal Constitutional-Parliamentary Monarchy
• Monarch
Emily II
• Prime Minister
Alexander O'Donnell
• Deputy Prime Minister
Karl Andersson
• Speaker of the Riksdag
William Ericsson
• Chief Justice
Aleksander Skarsgård
House of Jarls
House of Commoners
Independence from  Krenya
650 AD to 970 AD
970 AD to 1723 AD
• Total
1,022,058 km2 (394,619 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
• 2010 census
• Density
42.04/km2 (108.9/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
$1,66 Trillion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
1.1 Trillion ACD
• Per capita
25,598 ACD
HDI (2019)0.923
very high
CurrencyGoutai Dollar (þ) (GID)
Time zoneUTC-3 to -4 (-2 3/4)&(-4 1/2) (-2 to -3 (-1 3/4)&(-2 1/2))
Date formatDD-MM-YYYY
Driving sideright
Calling code+46

The Kingdom of Blechingia, commonly known as Blechingia (Götaish: Konungsríki Gotneska) is a sovereign nation and Federal Constitutional-Parliamentary Monarchy in Southern Thrismari. The nation of 33 million is bordered by Lyonheimer, Tomioka, South Eisennau, Cernunnia and Medovia as well as sharing a maritime border with Tytherial. Known for it's rich history, the Blechingian people are proud of their cultures, which include a mix of Alemanic, Nordmanic, Ruaihiri and Gaelic. The capital of Blechingia is the city of Læniguëuíl, however the historic capital as well as the largest city is Göteborg.

The current leaders of the nation are Emily (Emilía) II, the queen, and Alexander O'Donnell, the Prime-Minister. The government is under the Riksdag legislature. The nation has good foreign relations, with close ties and history with neighbours Lyonheimer, as well as historic rivals Krenya. They are also one of the founding members of the Thrismari Union, joining in 1998. They were also a member of the South Anterian Defence Alliance for some time. They are viewed as a high-global power, based on history and current power. They are also noted as 'Free' on the Anterian Freedom Index.

A mountainous region, Blechingia is a land of vast, beautiful climates. They also own the offshore islands of Étaín and Meallán Islands.


The name Blechingia is the latin spelling of Blekinge which means, The name "Blekinge" comes from the dialectal adjective bleke, which corresponds to the nautical term for "dead calm".

Geography & Climate



Blechingia is a taiga/temperate nation in southern Thrismari. The majority of the country would be described as temperate, however because of Blechingia's long coastline it has a significt taiga climate as well.

Climate data for Ft. McKenna (1909–2018 averages)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °C (°F) 41
Average high °C (°F) 22.4
Average low °C (°F) 3.8
Record low °C (°F) −44
Precipitation mm (inches) 12
Avg. precipitation days (≥ 1.0 mm) 2 4 9 13 16 20 23 21 17 14 8 1 148
Mean monthly sunshine hours 214 203 186 166 154 134 120 115 132 154 169 189 1,936
Source: Climate/Ft.McKenna.Blech's



The national mammal is the Grey Wolf



The Blechingian Census Bureau officially estimated the country's population to be 33,489,984 as of 21 January, 2019.



The Götaish Language is one of the hardest languages to learn in south-central Thrismari, Some of Blechingia's negibors can understand it but most have a hard time as the language has bascally combined two language familys into one language. In short the culture that first spoke the language is now know as the Gealtic. A mix of gaelic and nordic culture combined.


The largest city in Blechingia is Göteburg with its large population growth coming in the Modern Era followed by Læniguëuíl, the capital and largest city for hundreds of years. Göteburg and Malmö are the largest cities with 3.3 & 2.21 million in their Metropolitan areas respectively. After that are the cities of Thurlow ( metro), Elisabethtown ( metro) & Drogheda ( in metro.)



Cabinet Members

The reason why some say "No Party" is because they are forbidden from joining any political party since they are apart of the royal family.

Office Office Bearer Party In office since:
Monarch Queen Emily II.jpg Emilía Andersdottír (II)
Born 1999 (22 years old)
No Party 2017
Prime Minister Alexander Graham.jpg Alexander O'Donnell
Born 1989 (32 years old)
KDP 2020
Deputy Prime Minister

Prince Karl Andersson.jpg

Karl Andersson
Born 1990 (31 years old)
No Party 2014
Speaker of the Riksdag

Liam Ericsson.jpg

Liam Ericsson
Born 1978 (43 years old)
KDP 2015
Chief Justice

Aleksander Skarsgård.jpg

Aleksander Skarsgård
Born 1970 (51 years old)
CDP 2018
Minister of Finance

Christian Jannson.jpg

Christian Jannson
Born 1980 (41 years old)
KDP 2015
Minister of the Interior

Laura Küh.jpg

Laura Kühn
Born 1995 (26 years old)
CDP 2017
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Princess Oksana .jpg

Aksana Andersdottír
Born 1997 (24 years old)
No Party 2019
Minister of Economy and Development

Camran Ó Riagáin.jpg

Camran Ó Riagáin
Born 1967 (54 years old)
KDP 2013
Minister of Justice Hanna Olofsson.jpg Hanna Olofdottír
Born 1984 (37 years old)
DPNS 2020
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Anders Hansen.jpg

Anders Hansen
Born 1969 (51 years old)
SGP 2016
Minister of Defense Sòlas Ó Conchobhairi.jpg Sòlas Ó Conchobhairi
Born 1969 (52 years old)
DPNS 2012
Minister of Food and Agriculture

Brónach Whaleni.jpg

Brónach Whaleni
Born 1995 (26 years old)
SGP 2012
Minister of Family

Kæja Stardal Fannbergsdóttir.jpg

Kæja Stardal Fannbergsdóttir
Born 1992 (29 years old)
SGP 2016
Minister of Health

Kristíana Þjóstarsdóttir.png

Kristíana Þjóstarsdóttir
Born 1994 (27 years old)
SGP 2020
Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Flóki Ólafsson.jpg

Flóki Ólafsson
Born 1968 (53 years old)
CDP 2016
Minister of the Environment

Helga Andersen 2019.jpg

Helga Andersdottír
Born 1994 (26 years old)
CDP 2019
Minister of Education and Research Ásta Jóhannsdottír.jpg Ásta Jóhannsdottír
Born 1998 (22 years old)
KDP 2018
Minister of Energy and Technology

Jóhannes Laugdal Guðbergsson.jpg

Jóhannes Laugdal Guðbergsson
Born 1973 (48 years old)
DPNS 2020



Federal states and Administrative divisions

As a Federal Constitutional-Parliamentary Monarchy, Blechingia consists of 21 states, as well as a total of TBA second-level administrative divisions. TBA

Foregin Affairs

Country/Union/Autonomous District Status State of relations Mutual Embassies Formal Relations Began Blechingia Ambassador Foreign Ambassador
 Fallooplesburg Good TBA, Fallooplesburg - TBA, Blechingia 28 November 1861 Aoife Þóreyjarsdóttir Luca von Steiger
 Qazhshava Neutral Country in Midwestern Thrismari Yoanrul, Qazhshava - Göteborg, Blechingia 12 January 1946 Anna Jacobsen Avor P'tsineshvi
 Krenya Neutral Ex-Colony of Krenya and are also old trade partners and we have a free trade agreement. Zozava, Krenya - Göteborg, Blechingia 19 October 1965 Magnus Guðmundursson Zaparin Kren
 Zhousheng TBA Kandan, Zhousheng - Göteborg, Blechingia TBA Aisling Egilsdóttir Miloш Зaramin
 Foxomexra TBA TBA, Foxomexra - TBA, Blechingia TBA TBA TBA



Energy production in Blechingia (2019)

  Coal (38.2%)
  Hydroelectricity (34.9%)
  wind (18.8%)
  Geothermal energy (4.0%)
  Other (0.1%)


National Flag

Flag of Blechingia

The National Flag of Blechingia is consists of three primary colors and has a ratio of 3:5 (1.667). The official explanation is that the blue represents the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Which are all very important to viking way of life. The green represents the land. For which the people and animals share. The gray represents the cold dark winter nights when the families tell story's of the past. The nordic cross represents the official religion of Blechingia. The Gaelic knot represents the friendship between the Gaelic (Irish) people and the germanic peoples and their ancestors.

The flags name is Gefjon – Also known as Gefjun, Gefyon, Gebj, her name means “giver,” it is also the name of one of the Runes associated with good luck. She was the protector of unmarried women.

Scheme White Blue Green
RGB 0-0-0 9-127-178 12-151-142
RGB hex triplet FFFDFD 097FB2 0C978E

National Animals

The National Animal of Blechingia is the Eurasian Wolf. It has been believed to have been an important part of Goutai Culture ever since at least the last 2nd century BC. As it's talked about in Goutia and sometimes ever Gaelic stories.

Eurasian wolf 2.jpg




National drink is the "Bronaugh", is a dark Gaelic dry stout with a relatively high alcohol percentage of 6.5%. It is often drunk on important parties and festivals, but also traditionally on the 18th. birthday of a boy, celebrating his adulthood. The drink was created by Robert Bronaugh in 1678 in his brewery. It stayed a local beer until 1837 when the Queen Emily I was told to try it out as she was visiting the town of Ballyneety just north of Shannon, And fell in love with the taste of the beer. Having brought 10 barrels back with her to Göteborg the town quickly wanted more and ever since has been loved by the Blechingian people.