Air Force of Amalfi

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Air Force of Amalfi
Classis Aeria
Emblem of the Air Force
Country Amalfi
AllegianceSenate of Amalfi
BranchArmed Forces of Amalfi
TypeAir force
Main airbaseDroma, Verno
Motto(s)Custodiens custodes ("Watching the watchers")
Imperator AeriusLurius Tamarus Mirabii

The Air Force of Amalfi (Amalfitan: Classis Aeria) is the air component of the Armed Forces of Amalfi. It employs a large fleet of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in support of the Army and Navy. Its main airbase is in the district of Verno, in the province of Limoncia.

Aircraft inventory

Aircraft Origin Role Versions Quantity Note
Combat aircraft
ER-25 Relampago  Gran Cuscatlan Fighter aircraft 90
Reconnaissance aircraft
GA9 RCC Baron Template:Country data Neu Engollon Signals intelligence (ELINT) 3
Transport and aerial refuelling