Triple Federation

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Triple Federation

c. 450–834
Flag of
CapitalTrasimene (meeting place)
Common languagesAmalfitan
LegislatureConclave of the Three Cities
Historical eraLate antiquity, early middle ages
• Founded in the aftermath of the War of Cocra
c. 450
• Accords of Lisaris
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Trasimene
20px Republic of Marvisia
Principality of Saruvia
Confederation of Amalphia 20px
Today part of Amalfi

The Triple Federation was a confederation of the three Amalfitan city-states of Marvisia, Saruvia and Trasimene. Created in the aftermath of the War of Cocra in the mid-5th century, it existed until the Accords of Lisaris formed the Confederation of Amalphia in 834 after the War of Ten Cities. Each city appointed five men to the conclave at which they elected one Princeps to command their armies. The Triple Federation's innovative structure and combined capabilities allowed it to dominate the Amalphian plain for nearly four centuries until the Carsine League was drawn up along similar lines under the leadership of the city-state of Talox.