Carsine League

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Carsine League

Flag of
Common languagesAmalfitan
LegislatureConclave of the Three Cities
Historical eraEarly middle ages
• Founded
• Accords of Lisaris
Preceded by
Succeeded by
20px Principality of Talox
20px Republic of Lisaris
20px Kingdom of Casartium
20px Republic of Ticinus
20px Republic of Accia
Confederation of Amalphia 20px
Today part of Amalfi

The Carsine League (Amalfitan: Lega Carsina) was a confederation of Amalfitan city-states, existing from 761 to 834. It was drawn up to provide direct opposition to the Triple Federation which had enjoyed uncontested supremacy on the Amalphian Plain since the mid-5th century. It was named for the princeps of Talox, Merus Lacunixus Carsa. After its inception, the two alliances kept each other at arm's length, testing their strengths by proxy wars and minor skirmishes. In 811, open war finally broke out between the two. The War of Ten Cities, as it became known, lasted twenty two years and saw a large proportion of the combatants' populations killed. At its conclusion, leaders from both alliances signed the Accords of Lisaris which recognised the defeat of the Carsine League and laid the foundations for a unified Confederation of Amalphia.