Caldish Royal Family

The Caldish Royal Family (Ghaillish: Teaghlach Ríoga na Ghlítteacht) is the family group of close relatives of the monarch of Caldia. The Royal Family is formally divided into two bodies, the Royal Household (Shealbhúteach Ríoga), which consists of the monarch, the consort, the heir aparent (typically the Prince or Princess of Ghailles), the children of the monarch, and the grandchildren of the monarch through the heir presumptive. The Royal Family typically consists of all other children, grandchildren, as well as siblings and cousins of the monarch, in addition to their spouses and widows or widowers. However, due to the current monarch's young age, the Royal Family currently includes the parents, uncles, and aunts of King Kenneth IV. There are also extended members of the family, such as second cousins, grandaunts, and granduncles, that are often considered members of the Royal Family. However, it is not uncommon for members of the so called extended Royal Family to be without title or royal style.

Some members of the Royal Family have official residences named as the places from which announcements are made in the Court Directorate (Stiúrthóireacht Cúirte) about official engagements they have carried out. The state duties and staff of some members of the Royal Family are funded from a parliamentary annuity, the amount of which is fully refunded by the monarch to the treasury.

Members of the Royal Family traditionally belong to the House of MacIconnich. Since 2002 with the accession of King Elton II, monarchs have come from the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux. The House formed through the marriage of Queen Ellen II and Philippe of Sartoux. Currently, virtually all members of the Royal Family belong to the House of MacIconnich-Sartoux. However, many extended members belong to the House of MacIconnich or other cadet branches, such as the House of Biron-MacIconnich.


His Majesty the King
HRH the Duchess of Clyte
HIM the Dowager Kaiserin

Royal Household

Royal Family

  • TH The Mormaer and Countess of Barraerach (the King's parents)
  • HRH the Prince Elton (the King's uncle)
    • HH Countess Nkosazana of Lumley (the King's cousin)
    • HH Mormaer Malusi of Beldowne (the King's cousin)
  • HIM Dowager Kaiserin Margaret, Countess of Corofin and Kaiser Otto X of Werania (the King's aunt and uncle)
    • HIM Kaiserin Charlotte II (the King's cousin and her husband)
    • HH Princess Maria of Werania (the King's cousin and her husband)
    • HH Princess Gabriela of Werania (the King's cousin and her husband)
  • HH Prince John, Mormaer of Filipdow and the Countess of Filipdow, (the King's uncle and aunt)
    • Laird Rory and Lady Kathleen (the King's cousin and his wife)
    • Lady Sarah and Laird Robert (the King's cousin and her husband)
    • Laird Alexander (the King's cousin)

Extended family members

  • Countess Marianne MacIconnich-de Lambertye of Kinsale (the King's grandaunt)
    • Lady Niamh MacIconnich-de Lambertye and Laird Augustin of Kinsale
      • Kids
  • Mormaer James and Countess Caitlin of Tara (the King's second cousin once removed and her husband)


  • St Ellen's Palace - the principal residence of the monarch and the Royal Household.
  • Spálgleann Palace - the meeting place of the Council of State and the residence of the Princess of Ghailles, the Duchess of Invertwinc, and the Earl and Countess of Barraerach. It is also houses the Royal Court and the Court Directorate.
  • Banchory Castle - the private residence of the monarch in the Highlands. It serves as a summer retreat for close members of the Royal Family.
  • Soirmoor Manor - the private residence of the monarch in Soirmoor, County Homalow.
  • Fionnbaile House - the private residence of the monarch in Fionnbaile, Caithia. It was built as a summer-and-lake house in 1678 when the local Verique dynasty died out, and Queen Fiona VII came into personal possession of the islands.