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Liberal Democratic Front of Yisrael

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Liberal Democratic Front of Yisrael
Hebrew:החזית הליברלית הדמוק רטית של ישראל
LeaderYosef Kaduri
Feivel Heimsman
John Delacourt
Dates of operationMarch 2020 - present
MotivesAbolish the the Yisraeli monarchy
• Abolish Jewish nationalism as Yisraeli national identity
• Abolish market economy and implement an anti-capitalist economy
Active regionsWorldwide, Yisrael
Political violence
Postmodern social liberalism
Identity politics
Notable attacksMarch 2020 Dervaylik terrorist shooting of police
July 2020 bombing of the Dervaylik police headquarters
October 2020 Crown critic disappearances (suspected)
Sizeest. 158 - 750
Annual revenueUnknown
Means of revenueForeign funds, cyber crimes, bank fraud, personal donations, kidnapping, theft, sale of illegal drugs banned in Yisrael

The Liberal Democratic Front of Yisrael (Hebrew: החזית הליברלית הדמוק רטית של ישראל) is a violent political resistance and militant group opposed to the Government of Yisrael and its core institutions and ideologies, including the Monarchy of Yisrael, its explicit declaration of a Jewish nation-state as a core national identity, its state-sponsored social conservatism, traditions, and sociocultural ways of life, and its morally-guided market economy.

Operating since March 2020, the group emerged in fierce opposition to the Hezekian Reaction. It has launched a number of coordinated terrorist attacks, assassinations, hijackings, and kidnappings against Yisraeli authorities, persons, property, interests, and institutions. According to a December 2021 Royal Yisraeli Special Political Police report, to fund its operations the LDF operates a growing Scipia-based criminal syndicate that engages in a number of local and transnational crime. It is considered allied with, or apart of a global constellation of cells of the International Democratic Revolution, an anti-monarchy organization.


Introduction and founding

The origins of the LDF emerged from two separate groups.

Central District U clique

In 2009-2010, a cohort of radical leftist Yisraeli students at Central District University traveled to Ostrozava, where they were inspired by early IDR leaders there to take aggressive action against the forces of monarchy, conservatism, and capitalism. This group eventually became known as the 'Central District U' clique, and after dabbling in politics between 2010-2012, they interpreted Noah Feldman's victory in the 2012 presidential election as a harbinger of an proto-invictist takeover of the country. After engaging in some minor crime, the CDU clique planned a year-long operation to kill Feldman, culminating in its defeat during the election after Shomrim infiltration. John Delacourt, a surviving IDR leader, fled to the Rubrics and later reemerged to attempt the hijacking of RCA Flight 87 in 2018. After that attack's failure, Delacourt and other surviving militants fled to central Belisaria.

Kaduri clique

The second founding group was a cluster of far left activists around the candidacy of Yosef Kaduri, an outspoken left-wing icon in the then-Constitutional Liberal Party. Days before the 2020 election, the monarchy saw ascension of Hezekiah III as King, who took what many perceived to be a reactionary posture to changes in Yisrael since his father had ruled. Hezekiah's unprecedented on-air implicit endorsement of the Conservatives appeared to swing the election to Yitzchok Katz, who sailed past his centrist and liberal opponents to win the Electoral College convincingly and thus win the presidency.

The weeks after Katz's win and the crowning of Hezekiah stirred a mass panic among the Yisraeli left, who increasingly believed the march towards a more secular, liberal modernity was endangered amid a proto-invictist backsliding. Large protests, stark slogans and rhetoric, and incessant media reporting fueled a surge in left-wing extremism.


Yisraeli security forces believe that Delacourt, operating as part of the Namdak-Andelfingen Group in Belisaria, and Feivel Heimsman, a top aide and advisor to Kaduri, met in February 2020 and decided to join forces. The exact involvement of Kaduri himself is unknown, but it is presumed that Heimsman was acting at his behest.

Barely two months after the election, the LDF was proclaimed by a little-used social media account on March 9, 2020, minutes before a terrorist shooting of police in Dervaylik erupted, killing 19, injuring 14, and leading to four terrorists being captured and taken into custody.

Current activities



On March 16, 2020, the LDF was added to the National Security Bulletin and all Yisraeli security forces were ordered to engage on sight with any of its members, including use of lethal force. On March 20, 2020, failed 2020 Constitutional Liberal Party presidential nominee Yosef Kaduri was reported a missing person, after having quietly mulled an 'extended stay' in Talahara or another foreign location deemed ideologically sympathetic.

On May 14, 2020, Kaduri was rumored to be alive and residing in Talahara, according to an Internet video, though that was immediately denied by Talaharan authorities as a "hoax" and "unrealistic."

In July 2020, the LDF launched another terrorist attack, bombing the municipal police headquarters in Dervaylik. Dozens were killed or injured. During the Onekawan Affair, the October 2020 Crown critic disappearances were blamed on the LDF by a joint Shomrim-YeMep investigation, with its lead detectives concluding the terrorist group was using "false flag operations" to destabilize the monarchy after the leaked comments by King Hezekiah that raised domestic and international alarm. His Majesty subsequently clarified and denied the initial interpretation of his remarks.


With much of the LDF militants tracked as living and operating in and around Dervaylik, security forces engaged in a number of raids, arrests, and other actions to hunt down the domestic cells. In reaction, domestic intelligence reports indicate that Yisraeli authorities believe most of the LDF's fighters and supporters fled the country by the end of the Onekawan Affair in late 2020, and that in 2021 there were at least four cells operating across Scipia.

A small cell of senior high-ranking militants, including the presumed leader, Yosef Kaduri, are believed to be in hiding and engaging from a mobile command in rural southern Talahara, although this is contested by Talaharan security officials, who doubt the reliability of these reports. A second cell, deemed the largest in size with dozens or hundreds of fighters, is engaged in armed struggle in the Fahrani Civil War, supporting pro-republican National Salvation Council forces. A third cell is suspected to be in Sydalon, being sheltered by the XXX, a far-right Sydalene ultranationalist group with ties to the Patriots Movement. A small fourth cell has been tracked to Gran Aligonia, where it is observed working in partnership with radical theosocialist left-wing groups linked to deposed Archbishop Hugo Marin on the isles. Lastly, a moderately-sized fifth cell of fighters, especially those of an Ordosocialist ideology, are supporting the No Au-led "Southern DemCo" faction of hardline leftists fighting in a multi-party civil war in Enyama. Of all the cells, RYIS believes the Enyama cell is the most active in drug-running.


A bombing/assassination plot was foiled in early January 2022, set to go off on the second anniversary of King Hezekiah's enthronement. His Majesty and the two royal brothers, Princes Michoel of Yisrael and Yehuda of Yisrael, were among the targets, as was President Yitzchok Katz and senior Cabinet officials. Twenty-nine LDF militants and their supporters were arrested in a coordinated set of raids by security forces hours before the scheme was set to begin.



The LDF's leadership is centered around its presumed founder, Yosef Kaduri, and his top two lieutenants, Feivel Heimsman, an outspoken secularist and anarchist, and John Delacourt, a Yisraeli Christian left-wing agitator and former IDR operative. These three form what intercepted messages refer to as the "National Revolutionary Council." Either Heimsman or Delacourt are treated as if they speak for Kaduri, and they pass orders to subordinates. Each cell leader is called a "Commander," and their adjutants are referred to as "Captains." Rank-and-file fighters are addressed as "Brothers/Sisters," depending on the gender.

While the group is nominally Jewish and represented mostly by Jewish members, it has a high rate of representation from Yisraeli Christians, with analysts suggesting as much as 35-40% of the group are composed of Yisraeli Christians.

Black market involvement

Yisraeli and other security forces have collected intelligence that to fund their operations (in part), the LDF cells turn to crime, including:

Known or suspected locations

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