Lord High Treasurer of Great Nortend

Lord High Treasurer and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Nortend, Cardoby and Hambria
Erbonian Coat of Arms.png
The Royal Coat of Arms
The Right Honourable
Sir Spencer de Stornton, 1st Banneret

since 1 January 2020 (2020-01-01)
StyleThat of the holder's rank of peerage.
Member of
Reports toThe House of Lords and the Sovereign
ResidenceCarsthorp House, Lendert-with-Cadell
AppointerSovereign of Great Nortend
Term lengthAt His Majesty's pleasure
Unofficial namesThe Lord Prime Minister
DeputyThe Comptroller of the Exchequer

The Lord High Treasurer of Great Nortend is fourth highest ranking Officer of State in Great Nortend, ranking below the Lord High Chamberlain and above the Lord High Admiral. He serves as the official head of His Majesty's Treasury and Exchequer, and holds the informal title of Prime Minister of Great Nortend as the de facto head of His Majesty's Government primer inter pares. The Prime Minister serves as the senior-most Minister of the Crown in Government and generally determines the official Government policy of the day.

As the informal position of Prime Minister is ex officio held by the Lord High Treasurer, the Prime Minister is invariably drawn from the temporal peers of the House of Lords; however, there have been on a rare number of occasions when MPs from the Houses of Commons have been elevated to the peerage in order to serve as Prime Minister.

The 1st Banneret de Stornton, Sir Spencer de Stornton, has held the position of Lord High Treasurer and Prime Minister since the end of the Michaelmas Term, after the retirement of the 8th Duke of Limmes from the position.

List of Lords High Treasurer

Name Term Party Sovereign
The Right Honourable
Sir Spencer de Stornton
1st Banneret de Stornton
1st of January, 2020 – present Scodeliers Alexander II
Erbonian Coat of Arms.png
30 Apr 2003 – present
The Most Noble
Andrew Alton-Hault
8th Duke of Limmes
1st of October, 2009 – 31st of December, 2019 Scodeliers
The Most Honourable
William Fitzgerald
12th Margrave of Bine
1st of October, 2005 – 30th of September, 2009 Droughers
The Right Honourable
Henry Kimperling
14th Earl of Alsby
1st of October, 1994 – 30th of September, 2005 (removed upon the death of Catherine II and reappointed upon the accession of Alexander II) Scodeliers
Catherine II
Erbonian Coat of Arms.png
2 June 1963 – 30 Apr 2003
The Right Honourable
Quentin de Anthord
4th Earl of Bexeness
1st of October, 1990 – 30th of September, 1994 Scodeliers
The Right Honourable
Sir Benjamin Davies
1st Banneret de Davies
18th of August, 1982 – 30th of September, 1990 Droughers
The Most Noble
Henry Cardwell-Adsworth
17th Duke of Fivewells
1st of October, 1980 – 7th of August, 1982† Droughers
The Right Honourable
Rudeth James
10th Earl of Folstampton
1st of October, 1978 – 30th of September, 1980 Scodeliers
The Most Noble
Charles Fitzandrew-Bernards
10th Duke of Bokewell
1st of October, 1962 – 30th of September, 1979 (removed upon the death of George II and reappointed upon the accession of Catherine II) Scodeliers
George II
Erbonian Coat of Arms.png
17 October 1955 – 2 June 1963
The Right Honourable
George Woverham
4th Baron of Chesvoir
1st of October, 1958 – 30th of September, 1962 Droughers
The Right Honourable
Sir Henry de Foide
1st Banneret de Foide
1st of October, 1950 – 30th of September, 1958 (removed upon the death of Edmund IX and reappointed upon the accession of George II) Scodeliers
Edmund IX
Erbonian Coat of Arms.png
26 November 1903 – 17 October 1955