This article belongs to the lore of Astyria.

Carta Erboniæ Libertatum

The Carta Erboniæ Libertatum et Abrenuntiationi Privilegiorum Quorundam or 'Charter of the Liberties of Erbonia and for the Renunciation of Certain Royal Prerogatives' is a document which is sworn to and has been sworn to by successive Sovereigns of Great Nortend since Edward I in 1052. It is sworn by the Sovereign during the Coronation ceremony in front of the Chief Justice of Nortend, Cardoby and Hambria and typically witnessed by the Archbishop of Sulthey and the Duke of Allels.

The Charter provides for various liberties and rights for the barons and prelates of Great Nortend, and includes certain legally binding promises as to the restriction of the use of the royal prerogative in certain matters.

5. Restriction of the Right to Summon

The King shall not summon to his Parliament any commoner, knight batchelor, or other person of lesser dignitary to sit as a suitour in Parliament. Note that a 'suitour' refers to those in the House of Lords, who determine the 'bills' presented to them by the Houses of Commons.