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Privy Council of Great Nortend

The Privy Council (Privatum Consilium) is one of the two formal bodies or committees of advisors to the Sovereign of Great Nortend, the other being Parliament, both of which comprise instances of the Curia Regis.

Though the Ministry includes all members of the Privy Council, by custom only those members currently sitting in Parliament form the Cabinet and Utter Ministry. The Cabinet forms the policy-making body of the executive, operating under the delegated powers of the Crown in Camera. Other members of the Privy Council, including those appointed under former governments, retain their positions and may serve on various sub-committees of the Privy Council as well as facilitate non-contentious administrative matters.

Privy Counsellours are appointed by the Sovereign. Such an appointment accords the title of 'Right Honourable' or the post-nominal letters of PC to the appointee. The process requires the swearing of a specific form of Oath of Allegiance to the Sovereign, and the kissing of hands. Privy Counsellours sit for life or until the demise of the Crown (demissum regnum) at which time the Privy Council is disbanded. By custom, living former Privy Counsellours are reappointed by the incoming Sovereign. In exceptional cases, counsellours may be expelled from the Privy Council.

When the Parliament and entire Privy Council sit together, the body is known as the Magnum Consilium, or 'Great Council'.


Clerk Sealer of the Treasury

The Clerk Sealer of the Treasury, commonly known as the Clerk Sealer, is the senior official of the Privy Council, holding responsibility for the formal certification and execution of decisions and executive actions of the Council. He is present at all meetings of the Privy Council proper, and is required to affix his personal seal as well as the Privy Seal to all Orders-in-Council. He serves as the head of the Lord High Treasurer's Office.

Warden of the Case

The Warden of the Case is an ancient position in the Royal Chancery responsible for keeping the Case of Chancery, an ornately inlaid wooden box, which is used to carry warrants, writs, bills, letters patent &c. to the Sovereign or meetings of the Privy Council. Additionally, he has responsibility for the administration of the Privy Council and its sub-committees and boards.

Assentus Regis

The Clerk Sealer along with the Warden of the Case have a role in the ceremony of Assentus Regis, or Royal Assent.


The Cabinet serves as the main decision-making body of the Erbonian Government. It is constituted as a committee of the Privy Council, and by convention includes only those members thereof currently sitting in Parliament or entitled to do so. The Cabinet is headed by the Lord High Treasurer, primus inter pares holding the informal position of Prime Minister.

The Officers of State hold seats in Cabinet ex officio; however, it is rare for the Lords High Steuard, Admiral, Constable and Chamberlain to sit in Cabinet meetings, owing to their mostly ceremonial or administrative roles.

Lord High Treasurer's Office

The Lord High Treasurer's Office, commonly known as the Cabinet Office, is a department of the Government of Great Nortend responsible for supporting the Lord High Treasurer in his role as Prime Minister, and the Cabinet in general. It is headed by the Clerk Sealer of the Crown.