Makarces Region

Flag of Makarces
Location of Makarces
 • Total52,925 km2 (20,434 sq mi)
 • Total185,145
 • Density3.5/km2 (9.1/sq mi)

Makarces (abbreviated MK) is a region of Gylias. Located in the north-west, it borders Knichus to the north, Gacar to the west, Kausania to the south, and Salxar to the east. Its capital is Jaţe.


Much of the region's territory is dominated by the Salxar mountains, from which it gets its name. The southern part is less elevated and contains part of the Laişyn plain. The larger settlements are concentrated in this area, including the capital Jaţe, located on the banks of the Kaşar river.


The 2020 census recorded a population of 185.145, making it Gylias' least populated region.

The main Gylic peoples in the area are Rezakans, Yaskans, and Aréş.


The region is mainly rural and has a smaller economy based on agriculture and animal husbandry. It also receives tourism, particularly related to winter sports.


The region's regional council is named the Makarces Regional Council, and its regional party is named the Makarces League (French: Ligue pour Makarces).

Makarces has historically been a left-wing stronghold. At the same time, the region's mainly rural population has not been receptive to tendencies of aristerokratia and socialised luxury, leading to gains by the Movement for Emancipation and Democracy and Revolutionary Rally during the wretched decade.