List of political parties in Gylias

This article lists political parties in Gylias.

Federal parties and blocs

In Parliament

Electoral bloc Party Main ideology
Progressive Alliance
Democratic Communist Party (DCP)
Socialist Party (SP) Democratic socialism
Social Democratic Party (SDP) Social democracy
Democratic Left (DL) Council communism
Labour Solidarity League (LSL)
Liberal Union
National Unity Party (NUP)
National Liberal Party (NLP)
People's Radical Reformist Alliance (PRRA)
Left Liberal Rally (LLR) Liberal socialism
Freedom and Solidarity Party (FSP)
Centre Group
Moderate Centrist Party (MCP)
Rally of the Democratic Centre (RDC)
Reformist Centre Party (RCP) Reformism
Independent Progress Rally (IPR)
Centre of Constitutional Monarchists (CCM) Constitutional monarchism
National Bloc
Civic National Party (CNP)
National Party of the Republic (NPR) Liberal conservatism
Popular Democratic Union (PDU) Progressive conservatism
Union for National Democracy (UND)
Movement of Reformists of the Republic (MRR)
Union for Freedom and Prosperity
Prosperity Party (PP)
Independent Freedom Party (IFP) Neoliberalism
Party for Growth (PFG) Right-libertarianism
Free Economy Party (FEP) Economic liberalism
Economic Convergence Movement (ECM)
Animal Protection Party (APP)
National Reconstruction Alliance (ARENA)
Free Land Party (FLP)
Free and Voluntaryist Union (FVU)
Green Party (GP)
Humanist Party (HP)
Independent Regional Alliance for Minorities (IRAM)
Love, Nature, Democracy (LND)
LSD Party (LSDP)
New Alliance for the Future (NAF)
New People's Party (NPP) Economic nationalism
People's Party for a Flourishing Nightlife (PPFN) Populism (pro-nightlife)
People Power-Citizens' Movement (PP-CM)
Pirate Party
Rally for a Free Society (RFS)
Renewal and Justice Union (RJU) Spiritual left
Union of Independents (UI)
Urban Movement (UM)
Union for a New Republic (UNR)

Outside Parliament

Electoral bloc Party Main ideology
Revolutionary Rally
Revolutionary Workers' Party (RWP) Statist communism
Workers' Liberation Front (WLF)
Proletarian Revolutionary Vanguard (PRV) Agrarian communism
Radical Communist Rally (RCR)
Rally of Militant Proletarians (RMP) Statist socialism
Front for Renewal of Order and Society
Anti-Communist Freedom Front (ACFF) Anti-communism
Revolutionary League of the Nation (RLN) National communism
Movement for National Action (MNA) National anarchism
Revolutionary Nationalist Movement (RNM) Third Positionism
Radical Unity (RU) National syndicalism

Regional parties

Region Regional party
Salxar Salxar Party (SP)
Makarces Makarces League (ML)
Gacar Gacar Party (GP)
Gerşyr Mountain Party of Gerşyr (MPG)
Arxaþ Democratic Forum of Arxaþ (DFA)
Alţira Democratic Forum of Alţira (DFA)
Tandar Tandar Alliance (TA)
Kausania Rally of Kausanians (RK)
Mişeyáke Mişeyáke Alliance (MA)
Sváen Sváen Peninsular Party (SPP)
Elena Assembly for Elena (AE)
Arsad Arsad Party (AP)
Envadra Envadra League (EL)
Nezyál Rally for Nezyál (RFN)
Tomes Tomes Forum (TF)
Ḑarna League for Ḑarna (LFḐ)
Aðuna Aðuna Democratic Alliance (ADA)
Herlan Herlan Rally (HR)
Nauras Nauras Party (NP)
Nerveiík-Iárus-Daláyk Nerveiík League (NL)
Coalition of the Islands (CI)

Local parties

Party Main ideology
Residents' Associations of Mişeyáke (RAM) Localism
Focus Party (FP) Localism
Velouria Independent Residents' Group (VIRG) Localism
Narsiad City Vision (NCV) Localism
Alliance for Kyman (AK) Localism

Defunct parties and blocs

Electoral bloc Party Main ideology Founded Dissolved Notes
Conservative Coalition
Conservative Party (CP) 1958 1969 CC dissolved in 1969.
Several parties shut down prior for anti-constitutional activities.
Restoration Party (RP) Reactionism 1958 1969
People's Rights Party (PRP) Right-wing populism 1961 1965
United Patriots Front (UPF) 1965 1969
Rally for National Unity (RNU) Cultural conservatism 1961 1964
National Social Movement (NSM) 1964 1969
Rally for Justice and Liberty (RJL) National conservatism 1961 1966
League of United Resistance (LUR) Ultranationalism 1966 1969
Front for Renewal of Order and Society
Party for National Mobilisation (PNM) Strasserism 1961 1973 Shut down for anti-constitutional activities.
Front for National Democracy (FND) 1961 1967
National Rebirth Party (NRP) Palingenetic ultranationalism 1961 1963
National Renaissance Front (NRF) 1961 1965
Party of National Democrats (PND) 1965 1975
Movement for Emancipation and Democracy (MED) Left-wing populism (economic nationalism) 1964 1972 Maria Elena Durante's party.
Party for Free Traders (PFT) Right-wing populism (tax protester) 1968 1981 "Molehill party". Merged into Prosperity Party.
Party for Popular Action (PPA) 1968 1989 Peggy Carter's party, operating solely in Riáona.
Party for Freedom of Food (PFF) Right-wing populism (anti-vegetarianism) 1975 1988 "Molehill parties".
Shut down for anti-constitutional activities.
Automobile Freedom Party (AFP) Right-wing populism (anti-environmentalism) 1979 1989
Coastal Rally for Fishing Preservation (CRFP) Right-wing populism (pro-fishing) 1990 2003
Party of Consumers for Freedom (PCF) Right-wing populism (pro-consumption) 1990 2006