Prince of Youth

Princess of Youth
Princeps Iuventutis
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Youth.png

since 26 September 2018
StyleHer Imperial Highness
ResidenceVelia House
AppointerMonarch of Latium
Inaugural holderArcadius III

The Prince of Youth (Latin: Princeps Iuventutis), or less frequently the Princess of Youth, is the main substantive title used by the heir apparent to the Latin throne. It has been vacant since the ascension of its last holder, Constantine XX on 3 November 2016.

The title originated in the 3rd century as an honorific title awarded to a presumptive emperor-designate, though was used sparingly. By the 7th century, the title was commonly affiliated with the eldest son of a reigning Emperor, following the practice of granting designated heirs unique titles, such as Destined to be Emperor (Imperator Destinatus). The title has two purposes: to serve as a title to name the heir apparent or heir presumptive, and as a specific title to determine place in the line of succession and role in government and earn incomes. The title has been held by women on X occasions, the first by Maria I Augusta from 979 until 1010; by Theodora I from 1240 until 1247; and most recently by Maria III from 1760 until 1763.

Titles and functions

The Prince of Youth as crown prince holds priority as the heir apparent or heir presumptive and is first in the line of succession to the Latin throne, holding the positions, titles, estates and incomes affiliated with that position. In addition, the Prince of Youth holds the following subsidiary titles:

  • Duke of Alba
  • Duke of Galata

Upon birth or succession, the eldest son of a reigning monarch is automatically invested as Prince of Youth and its subsidiary titles. After reaching the age of majority, a Prince of Youth must swear fidelity to the Monarch in order to be seated as a member of the Advisors of the Emperor. The Prince of Youth also serves as the president of numerous charities, including the Prince's Foundation, or Princess's Foundation in the event of a female title holder. More recently the Prince of Youth has also been invested as Duke of Adrianople, though it is not officially a subsidiary title.


Image Name Heir to From Until
Year Cause
John IX
1668 1675 died
John IX
1675 1692 ascended the throne as Justin I
John X
1703 1731 ascended the throne as John XI
John XI
1731 1734 ascended the throne as Maria II
Maria II
1734 1761 ascended the throne as Constantine XVIII
Constantine XVIII
1760 1763 ascended the throne as Maria III
Maria III
1763 1803 ascended the throne as John XII
John XII
1803 1810 ascended the throne as Andreas II
Andreas II
1810 1836 ascended the throne as Michael III
Andreas III
1842 1846 ascended the throne as Theophylactus I
Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi.jpg John
Theophylactus I Augustus
1846 1897 ascended the throne as John XIII
1897 1921 died
Alice de Grèce.jpg Joanna
1921 1922 ascended the throne as Joanna I
1922 1933 ascended the throne as Constantine XIX
Princess Diana of Latium childhood photo.jpg Diana
Constantine XIX
1933 1935 displaced by birth of brother; ascended the throne as Diana I
Crown Prince Spain (LOC) (cropped).jpg John
1935 1945 died
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Youth.png Alexander
Diana Augusta
1955 1956 died
Jason, Prince of Youth.jpg Jason
1963 1997 ascended the throne as Jason VI
Constantine, Prince of Youth.jpg Constantine
Jason VI Augustus
1997 2016 ascended the throne as Constantine XX
Coat of Arms of the Prince of Youth.png Diana
Constantine XX
2018 Incumbent

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