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Alexius, Prince of Youth

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Prince of Youth
Despot of Levedos
Born (2019-12-12) 12 December 2019 (age 3)
Palatium Augusti, Palatine, Castellum ab Alba
Full name
Gaius Claudius Anicius Sabinus Alexius Abelarus Iosephus Leo
FatherConstantine XX Claudius
MotherAlazne Dain
ReligionImperial Church (Catholicism)

Alexius, Prince of Youth (Gaius Claudius Anicius Sabinus Alexius Abelarus Iosephus Leo; 12 December 2019) is the heir apparent to the Latin and Perateian thrones as the eldest son of Emperor Constantine XX.

Birth and baptism

The Imperial Household announced, on 1 June 2019, that Emperor Constantine XX and Empress Alazne were expecting their second child child. Alexius was born in the Purple Room of the Palace of Augustus on 12 December 2019, at 1:19 WBT. Upon his birth, he displaced his older sister, Princess Diana, as heir. In January 2020, commemorative coins were issued to celebrate his birth.

His name was announced a week later, and after much speculation an announcement from the base of the Palatine Hill named the heir Alexius Iosephus Leo Iohannes. His is named Abelarus for his maternal great-great grandfather Abelar, Lord of Dain; Joseph for his paternal great-grandfather Josephus Verrucosus; and Leo for his paternal great-grandfather Leo X Claudius. His birth was widely celebrated, as the future emperor, in Latium and Perateia, with a 21-gun salute taking place throughout the county, and the bells of Sancta Sapientia were rung for nearly five hours.

On 30 March 2020, Alexius was baptized by Pope Pontian XI at Sancta Sapientia, in Castellum ab Alba, using water from the Yarden River. Alexius's godparents are Prince Leo, Duke of Alba (her father's cousin); Joanna of Keld (Leo's wife); PLACEHOLDER (relation); and PLACEHOLDER (relation).

Official appearances

Alexius made his first public appearance on 15 March 2020 and his second on 20 March 2020 for the birthday celebrations of his father and mother, respectively.

Titles, styles, honors and arms


  • 12 December 2019 – present: His Imperial Highness The Prince of Youth
    • 12 December 2019 – present: His Imperial Highness The Despot of Levedos

Though Alexius's name was not announced until a week after her birth, he was a Prince of Latium from birth in accordance with the succession traditions. He was formally announced as Prince of Youth and Imperator Destinatus ("Destined to be Emperor") in his naming announcement, indicating his legal status as heir apparent. As he was born during the reign of her father, Alexius is also entitled to the honor of Purpurogenitus ("Born in the Purple"). He is also heir to his father's titles abroad, such as the Duchy of Tolosa, in Garza.


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Alexius, Prince of Youth
Born: 12 December 2019
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Heir apparent
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1st in line
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The Princess Diana
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