Diana, Princess of Youth

Princess of Youth
Born (2018-09-26) 26 September 2018 (age 14 months)
Palace of Augustus, Palatine, Castellum ab Alba
Full name
Diana Claudia Sophia Victoria Atalanta
FatherConstantine XX
MotherAlazne Dain
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Diana, Princess of Youth (Diana Claudia Sophia Victoria Atalanta; 26 September 2018) is the heir presumptive to the Latin throne as the eldest child of Emperor Constantine XX and Alazne Dain. She is the fifth female to be invested Princess of Youth.

Birth and baptism

The Imperial Household announced on 30 March 2018 that Emperor Constantine XX and Empress Alazne were expecting their first child. She was born in the Purple Room of the Palace of Augustus on 26 September 2018, at 10:28 WBT, nearly two weeks before her expected due date. Her name was announced two days later, and after much speculation an announcement from the base of the Palatine Hill named the princess Diana Sophia Victoria Atalanta. She is named Diana for her paternal great-grandmother Latin Empress Diana Augusta. Her birth was widely hailed in Latium and Belfras, with a 21-gun salute taking place in Adrianople, and the bells of Sancta Sapientia were rung for nearly two hours.

On 17 December 2018, Diana was baptized by Archbishop of Castellum Theodorus Afinius at Sancta Sapientia, in Castellum ab Alba, using water from the Yarden River. Diana's godparents are Princess Selene of Latium (her father's sister); Conrad of Rahdenburg (her mother's cousin); Martin, Crown Prince of Dakmoor (her mother's second cousin); and Beatrice of Radhenburg (Martin's wife).

In October 2019, the Imperial Household revealed that Empress Alazne was expecting the Imperial couple's first son. Upon his birth, he will displace Diana and become Prince of Youth.

Titles, styles, honors and arms


  • 26 September 2018 – present: Her Imperial Highness The Princess of Youth

Though Diana's name and title was not announced until two days after her birth, she was a Princess of Latium from birth in accordance with the Acts of Succession. As heir presumptive, she was granted the honor of Princess of Youth, though she may be displaced by the birth of a younger brother, and revert to a Princess of Latium. As Princess of Youth, Diana is also invested as Duchess of Galata and Duchess of Alba. As she was born during the reign of her father, she is also entitled to the honor of Purpurogenita ("Born in the Purple").


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Diana, Princess of Youth
Born: 26 September 2018
Lines of succession
Heir presumptive
Succession to the Latin throne Followed by
Prince Peter of Latium
Latin royalty
Title last held by
The Prince Constantine
later became
Emperor Constantine XX
Princess of Youth
Duchess of Galata
Duchess of Alba