Resolution for the Control of Nuclear Arms (Vasarden)

Resolution for the Control of Nuclear Arms
Resolución por el Control de las Armas Nucleares
LocationGronheim, Corthe
Signatories Tierada
 Vierz Empire/Vierzland
 Aitic Federation
And others
LanguagesVierz, Tieradan

The Resolution for the Control of Nuclear Arms is a nuclear arms treaty initially signed by the Vierz Empire and Tierada in order to stop the proliferation of nuclear arms. The treaty was soon expanded to include Vonzumier, then the only other nuclear-armed state. The treaty was then further expanded to ultimately include the majority of the world's nations, with only the initial three signatories defined as nuclear-armed states, though a notable few rejected the treaty or ignored its terms. In 1989, the treaty was revised to allow the Aitic Federation and Bhasar, the fourth and fifth countries in the world to have produced nuclear weapons, to accede to the treaty as nuclear-armed states.

The treaty has now been signed by nearly every country in the world, with the notable exceptions of Hevatia and Zaihan. Hevatia is believed to be pursuing nuclear technology and has refused to sign the treaty as a result, and Zaihan has rejected the treaty as part of its policy of official nuclear ambiguity.