Second Grobina War

Second Grobina War
NATO damage in Belgrade.jpg
The Hotel Zaranko is destroyed by Mascyllary bombing in Grobina, July 2000
Date23 November 1998–1 January 2001 (2 years, 1 month, 1 week and 2 days)

Erdaran Pact victory:

  • Grobina split between north (Juznia) and south (Mascylla)
  • Communist government in Hytekia toppled, replaced with an interim republic
  • Hytek occupied by Erdaran Pact for six months after the ceasefire
  • Hytek nuclear weapons seized

Erdaran Pact:

Supported by:

Commanders and leaders
Hytekia Aivars Muceniece Juznia
Mascylla Michael Meilke
Mascylla Konrad Folln
Mascylla Robert Höhner
Hytekia 660,000 Mascylla 185,900
Casualties and losses
173,000 military casualties
216,000 civilian casualties
1,000,000 civilian displaced
21,500 military casualties
15 civilian casualties
0 civilian displaced

The Second Grobina War, also known as the Erdaran War was a major military conflict that occurred across the region of Erdara in the late-20th and early-21st century, spanning from Hytekia's declaration of war on Juznia in November 1998 to the Hytek surrender after a joint Juznik-Mascyllary force occupied Krasno in January 2001.