State of Luepola

State of Luepola
Država Ľupolska

Flag of State of Luepola
Luepola wikimap.png
Official languagesLuepolan
Common languages
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• 1951–1962
Christian Dobrovitch (first)
• 1980
Emil Ivanušić (last)
Great Assembly
Veliki Sbor
Popular Assembly
Ľudovi Sbor
Historical eraLate modern period
• Krassfurt Memorandum
22 November 1951
13 March
• Dissolution
1 January 1980
• 1952
• 1979
CurrencyLuepolan Grivna (Ғ)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
People's Republic of Luepola
Vierz occupation of Luepola (1947–1951)
Republic of Luepola
Reichskommissariat Luepola (1980-1985)

The State of Luepola (LuepolanDržava Ľupolska) was a country in eastern Patyria and the predecessor of the modern Republic of Luepola, with which its borders are contiguous. Officially a federal republic, the country was effectively a client state of the Vierz Empire, which exercised significant control in the State's domestic and foreign affairs alike. The State of Luepola was established in the Krassfurt Memorandum of 1951, ending the period of direct military rule by the Vierz Reichswehr in the aftermath of the Great War; it was dissolved in a joint resolution by the Sliet and President Emil Ivanušić on 1 January 1981, during the Luepolan War. The period during which Luepola was under Vierz control has been labelled the Silent Era (Mlčavši Rok), referring to both the Silent War over which the State spanned, and to the perceived repression of Luepolan sovereignty and national consciousness.