Three Fundamentals

Foreign Minister, Li Zhaozheng, First Minister Ma Renzhong and State Chairwomen Tao Guangmei, the architects of the Three Fundamentals policy

The Three Fundamentals (Xiaodongese: 三原理; Sān Yuánlǐ) are a series of foreign policy objectives of the Auspicious Republic of Xiaodong that have been in place since 1948. It was conceived and formulated in 1948 by Ma Renzhong the First Minister of Xiaodong between 1945-1951 and Li Zhaozheng the Minister of International Relations between 1946-1957.

The Three Fundamentals were originally outlined in a speech to the State Presidium on the 17th May 1948 called "On the Fundamentals of International Relations" where Ma stated that Xiaodong needed to formulate concrete foreign policy aims if it was to "maintain influence of Xiaodong in international affairs." The foreign policy objectives Ma outlined were -

  1. Isolate Senria in the economic, diplomatic and political spheres - Ma stated that if Xiaodong was to develop and maintain influence internationally its regional rival Senria had to diplomatically, economically and militarily isolated. This would be done by undermining Senria's domestic stability and the creation of an anti-Senria bloc that would seek to contain Senria's influence and isolate it economically by refusing trade with it.
  2. Ensure Xiaodong was the main regional power in eastern Borea - As Xiaodong was surrounded by two regional powers (Senria and Tuthina) Ma stated if Xiaodong was to develop it must be the main regional hub in eastern Borea, taking advantage of Xiaodong's large population and resources. This power projection would consist of strengthening the Xiaodongese military, expanding Xiaodong's economic sphere, encouraging the development of Xiaodongese culture internationally and taking an interventionist foreign policy.
  3. Reassert sovereignty over the "lost territories" of Xiaodong - During the 1930's many parts of "core Xiaodong" which contained majority or substantial minorities of Xiaodongese people were ceded to neighbouring countries such as Tinza, Min and Narmada during the collapse of the Heavenly Xiaodongese Empire. Ma stated that in order for there to be "a lasting peace" in Borea that the "lost territories" be returned to Xiaodong either through diplomatic negotiations or military force.

Since the declaration of the Three Fundamentals, successive Xiaodongese governments have attempted to fulfil its objectives to varying degrees of success. Xiaodong refused to recognise the sovereignty of the Senrian government on an official basis until 2004 and up until the 1980's attempted to pressure allies such as Ankoren to follow suit. Under the Ma, Li Zhaozheng and Lu Fangliang administrations (and later Qian Xingwen, Yang Zhengming and Han Guanzheng governments) the third fundamental was de-emphasised in favour of the second, with Xiaodong attempting to project regional power through economic means. However since 2005 the government of Yuan Xiannian has abandoned this approach, increasing defence capabilities (such as the acquisition of nuclear weapons) to secure hard power whilst more forcefully demanding the return of lost territories, most prominently during the 2017 Huashan conflict.