Titania (Province)

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Titania located in Zamastan
Titania located in Zamastan
Capital and largest cityTitania
ProvinceJune 16th, 1879
 • GovernorJosselin Corne (GLP)
 • Total18,875,000

Titania is an Administrative District (Province) of Zamastan, bordered to the west by Mayotte, the east by Pahl, and to the south by Alutiana. It's the sixth-most-populous province with around 18,875,000 people. Its capital and largest city is Titania, where more than sixty percent of the province's population lives in its metropolitan area. Other major cities include Aurelia, Torport, and Whitsevain. The geography and climate of the province are shaped by the Louise Mountains and the Titania Bay, which provide habitat for much of its flora and fauna. The provincial government is unique in how it treats cities and counties equally, manages local roads, and prohibits governors from serving consecutive terms. The current governor is Josselin Corne.

The region of Titania was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years and was conquered and colonized by the kingdoms of Mayotte, Drambenburg, and Paraboca from the 12th-18th centuries. Following its liberation by Zamastan in the Parabocan War, it became a province on June 16th, 1879. The province grew in prominence as it industrialized around the Bay of Titania and the Aviles River with the growth in population. During the World War, the province was the staging ground for the military during their campaigns into Drambenburg, and the region suffered deadly aerial bombing campaigns early in the war. In the post-war era, the province's economy boomed in manufacturing and service sectors and remains an industrial region. Titania largely avoided secession movements despite the neighboring provinces of Mayotte and Alutiana's independence demonstrations in the 2010s.