Council for Mutual Development

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Council for Mutual Development
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TypeEconomic & cultural organization
HeadquartersKeisi, Senria
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Deputy Secretary-General

The Council for Mutual Development (Gaullican: Conseil pour le développement mutuel), commonly known as COMDEV, is a regional economic and cultural intergovernmental organization located on the continent of Coius. As of 2021, COMDEV has thirteen members and X observers.


[activity and structure]

COMDEV positions itself as an advocate for South-South cooperation, but also cooperates heavily with the Euclean Community and with international financial organizations such as GIFA. It has traditionally been regarded as a rival to the International Forum for Developing States, with which it competes for economic influence in Coius. COMDEV maintains a global network of partners and associates, and is considered to be one of the most prominent organizations on the Coian continent.



1986 to 1999

2000 to present


Economic activities

One of the largest projects undertaken by the Council was the creation of the Duran Logistical Corridor (DLC). The Duran Logistical Corridor is an ongoing, multiphase project to connect Duran to the rest of COMDEV through both internal improvements to infrastructure and through an external network of roads, railroads, airports, and canals into Baekjeong. The DLC is currently in its fifth phase, involving expanding road access to secondary communities in Duran as well as expanding direct access from Southern Duran to the Ansan Metropolitan Region in Baekjeong. The first phase saw the creation of a railroad from Duran's commercial and industrial core to the Port of Eunyeon in Northern Baekjeong. The second phase involved creating a network of secondary roads and railroads in Duran to connect to this primary transit artery, as well as secondary extensions from Eunyeon to facilitate transport north to Arthsthan and south to Ogbei. The third phase created a network of regional airports and heliports in the more isolated areas of Duran, as well as expanding the port facilities of Eunyeon. The fourth phase, which was paused, involved dredging the Northern Geodaehan River to allow river access by Duran to the sea. The project was primarily financed by the Baean and Senrian governments, and performed by labor from all three nations.

Another major project of the Council is the Bashurat and Satrian Belt Initiative. The initiative seeks to create a logistical network tying Senrian allies in Satria and the Bashurat together, to increase economic interdependency and foster economic output. The initiative also has strategic considerations for Senria, as greater regional transportation capacity increases its ability to move forces around the region. The Bashurat Belt covers Baekjeong and Arthasthan, seeing the expansion of port facilities in both countries and the connection and expansion of their freight rail systems. The Port of Eunyeon is a key node for the belt, connecting it to Duran Logistical Corridor. The belt officially runs from Sindae in the south of Baekjeong to Sevantipur in Arthasthan. The Satrian Belt is a series of infrastructure projects that run from Gulbistan to Arthasthan. As with the Bashurat Belt, it is centered around a railroad. The key nexus of this belt is the Arthasthani capital of Nadipatnam, where the two belts connect.

The Acheloian Logistical Corridor is the most recent of the major development projects undertaken by COMDEV. The project focuses on expanding port facilities with an eye towards exporting to Euclea. A railroad along the northern coast is under construction, with a spur in Rajyaghar from Kinadica to Rajabaghar connecting the line to the Satrian Belt.

Cultural activities


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